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Sought position:
Multi property systems manager
Ref ID: n°45901
Town: Puteaux
Country : France
Contract type: Long term contract
Contract start date : As soon as possible
Work schedules: Without any break
Salary: 4000 € brut mensuel
Experience: experienced
Training levels requested:

Job status: Manager
Job category: Management / IT
Online since 2019/02/20
This job position is still available for the week of 2019-03-18

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Luxury Hotels International of France is looking for...

Multi property systems manager (M/F)

Provides positive business impacts by maximizing the effective use of technology at a specific Marriott International location.

• Provides support of IT hardware, software and generates related communications for assigned Marriott International property/properties. May include supervision of hourly technology associates assigned at the same location(s) for work direction, career development, and performance management.
• Assists Area System Manager and /or Regional IR Executive with IT installations, troubleshooting and maintenance efforts within the assigned area. Coordinates, as needed, with Marriott corporate IR technical support, Lodging systems, and support providers and vendors.
• Optimizes guest and hotel staff satisfaction by ensuring business processes and services are supported by highly reliable technology.
• Ensures appropriate support of systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
• This position reports directly to the Area System Manager and/or Regional Information Resources, with a functional relationship to the General Manager or Resident / Hotel Manager.
• Ensures new technology requests are consistent with MI systems and technology standards.
• Provides technical expertise and support. Ensures the health and integrity of hotel IT infrastructure, to include, but not limited to:
Email – Administration and Maintenance
Active Directory Network - Administration and Maintenance
Corporate Initiative – OPERA, SIMPHONY as examples
IT Hardware/Software Installation, Maintenance, Inventory and Management

· Printer Maintenance Contract Administration
· Business Center Network Support (if applicable)
· Event Booking Centers (if applicable)
· Internet Support and Maintenance (if applicable)
· Cable Management
· Technology Related CEP Projects
• Ensures problems are correctly reported, routed, tracked, solved, with the business client being informed of the situation at all times.
• May assist as the local contact point for installation of Marriott custom applications and packaged software.
• Educates hotel associates on information technology and its costs/benefit to their organization.
• Ensures the hotel infrastructure and applications systems are functional at all times through coordination of hands on involvement and management of activities.
• Assists the Area System Manager or Regional IR Executive as on-site project manager who plans, schedules, executes and communicates resource needs and status.

Hotel General Manager, Resident/Hotel Manager, Director of Finance, Director of Engineering - Provides a technical perspective to information needs along with cost/benefits understanding in an influencing role. Confirms workload priority. Acts as a technical mentor.
· Hotel Associates – will collaborate with appropriate staff to monitor systems or respond to system needs and issues. Keeps the staff informed of progress or status. Educates associates on new custom applications. Supports existing application install base at the hotel site.
Area System Manager, Regional IR System Manager and Executive - Informs about major accomplishments, issues and concerns, project needs. Solicits support and advice as needed to accomplish projects and maintain positive client relationships.
Corporate Information Resource Providers – Provides feedback to Lodging IR on application functional performance and system performance. Coordinates property/hotel efforts, prioritizes needs and communicates those needs to IR Shared Services and other systems staff. Works with other Information Resources areas to resolve support and design issues.
Vendors and Consultants - Interacts with vendors and consultants to obtain technology expertise.Consults on specific application issues or hardware/software problems. Maintains a positive relationship that instills open communication of IT information and sharing of industry and competitive activity with potential impact on IR.
Field-Based IT Associates – Shares information across peer group and with hotel-based IT associates on hotel system operations improvements, possible system failure occurrences, and client requests for system changes/additions.
• Maintaining an expert understanding of hotel’s operating processes. Supports current production systems and development projects. Keeps current with like-industry uses of technology.
• Identifies, analyzes, organizes and solves issues and problems creatively, effectively and quickly. Understands issues relevant to the property. Has and uses cross-functional knowledge. Develops pros and cons to each alternative to arrive at ‘best’; incorporates ‘what if’ basis for alternatives. Maintains current understanding of where technology is going and how this direction can be leveraged today and in future strategies. Applies those aspects of a forward moving technology view that makes sense for the business. Generates imaginative solutions in business situations. Consistently originates new ideas.
· Performs an assessment of needs, ensuring compliance with Marriott standards, budget and capital requirements. Determines priorities, schedules, plans, and necessary resources to ensure completion of any hotel projects on schedule and according to specification. When applicable, directs and works with property IT associates in preparing the project plan and managing the project. Coordinates multiple vendor projects. Performs on-site monitoring of all projects.
• Understands IR technology platforms and technical direction. Maintains a working understanding of technology changes in the areas of information processing, the hospitality/lodging industry, systems development methods and tools.
• Directs support for installation of client applications and is the local contact point for applications, hardware, software, and operating systems needs.
• Provides support for technical and application problems.
• Conducts equipment performance audits and provides recommendations for performance improvement.
• Ensures that computer and network operations are monitored at the property , backup/recovery functions are performed on scheduled basis and administration functions for hardware, operating and application systems are maintained and completed on consistent basis.
• Monitors costs of on-site computer operations and vendor use for clients ensuring accurate financial management.
• Enforces IR policies and standards protecting company hardware, software and other resources at the hotel.
• Delivers client-driven project and requests within budget and time constraints.
• Directs maintenance of equipment and installed software applications inventory for all supported clients ensuring compliance with licensing regulations. Ensures proper asset management.
• Manages vendors for property IT requirements functioning as escalation point for problem resolution.
• Ensures solutions are consistent with the client's needs and Marriott's IR environment.
• When applicable, participates in screening and selection of property technology staff
• Fosters effective client communications to ensure client satisfaction. Builds a positive client service reputation by managing the timely resolution of problems, completion of projects and deliverables at a superior quality standard.


Language skills – Fluent English is required and shall be daily heard, spoken and written. A good base of French is a plus.
Communication - Effective written and verbal communication skills. Chooses the appropriate vehicle and tone for the message being delivered. Conducts meetings, verbally guiding and informing others. Uses active, empathetic listening as a tool to understand and support each interaction, internal and external to the company. Effectively prepares and delivers internal presentations employing appropriate content.
Team Orientation – Collaborates with the work team (field or headquarters) in responding to systems requests and problems to arrive at a workable solution in line with MI IR principles and direction. Communicates information appropriately to other associates. Is readily accessible to the team. Creates a cooperative working environment. Addresses conflicts within the group quickly. Recognizes contributions of hotel and IR technical support team members.
Judgment - Demonstrates ability to take professional risks to achieve a positive impact for Marriott. Makes sound, timely and reasonable decisions impacting the technical operations of the hotel that involve extensive research and input from others as evidenced by results and consequences. Uses appropriate past experiences to address sensitive situations.
Interpersonal Relations - Builds an effective work team. Demonstrates ability to foster positive business relationships in various environments and with people of varying personalities and diverse backgrounds. Essential components are empathy, active listening, and influencing others. Perceives the needs of others, develops long-term relationships that enhance understanding, respect and communication, and effectively deals with conflict.
Results/Goal Orientation - Maintains a high activity and achievement level. Gets things done on time and meets standards. Makes decisions and takes appropriate action to complete tasks. Questions the reasonableness or validity of decisions and courses of action. Ensures value to the hotel and to Marriott. Is willing to take personal responsibility for actions and the delivery of results.
Leadership - Understands the goals and expectations of the Marriott International hotel and is able to communicate their own role in achieving the work team/department goal. Networks and makes informal presentations. Embraces entrepreneurial spirit in work through recognizing and capitalizing on opportunities and challenging the status quo. Shares expertise. Sets example for achievement of high standards.
Impact - Commits to the success of the business unit (client) as reflected in the level of performance and achievement, sets high personal goals and demonstrates high achievement motivation. Gains agreement, acceptance of an idea, plan or activity.
Change Management - Initiates communication and action about purpose of change. Accepts change openly, taking ownership to ensure success of change. Helps others deal with change. Identifies opportunities for change. Explains and assimilates IT changes within the business unit. Takes actions necessary to minimize potential negative impact on acceptance of IT changes.
Work Experience – Demonstrated track record in providing support of applications, hardware and operating systems, troubleshooting PC hardware and operating systems, along with extensive experience supporting peripherals, and application support, and building solid relationships with clients and vendors, as well as having excellent problem solving skills.
Education - Requires minimum of a two years degree from an accredited college/business/technical school (or the equivalent training/education in respective country). Applicable system-related certifications required.



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