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Built around the personality of American architect Beth Campbell, since 2021 Campbell House has established itself as a luxury player through its contemporary creations and its new vision of design and interior architecture.


Built around the personality of American architect Beth Campbell, since 2021 Campbell House has established itself as a luxury player through its contemporary creations and its new vision of design and interior architecture.

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Interview made by Christopher Buet on 2023-07-06

“We want to redefine the way a design house works (…) We want to create a new era in design” This is the ambition of Beth Campbell, who quotes Winston Churchill in an introductory video on the Campbell House website.

Faced with one crisis after another, the American architect has chosen to don’t waste the circumstances and take her destiny into her own hands, with the idea of putting forward her vision of design and architecture. To help her, the Pittsburgh native has gathered around her artists from all over the world who she believes are already pushing back the boundaries of the industry.

In just two years, Campbell House has established itself in the landscape of the luxury and hospitality industry, betting on top-of-the-range services. With offices in Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Paris, it has deployed its forces to meet the desires and expectations of its demanding clientele. With success, since the company was a finalist in 2021, the year of its creation, at the AHEAD Europe Awards for the best restaurant for the Hakkasan Bodrum project at the Mandarin Oriental. A first recognition followed by others. The next year, creative director Rafael Berkowitz was named 'Highly Recommended International Designer' at the Brit List Awards, while the renovation project for the Hyatt Regency Cambridge Boston won an IDA Gold Award. Finally, the firm was voted 2023 NEWH TOP ID Winner.

Awarded for its work and expertise, Campbell House intends to continue building its reputation in the sector and multiply its projects, as Chief Operating Officer Monika Moser told to Journal des Palaces.

Journal des Palaces: Campbell House wants to usher in a new era of design. What values do you stand for?

Monika Moser: User experience and customer service are absolutely central to our approach to design. Our teams aim to create engaging, intuitive and meaningful experiences for customers. This involves identifying as precisely as possible the needs, desires, and behaviours of each individual in order to design concepts that meet these expectations. To achieve this, our working method is based on collaboration, co-creation and flexibility.

Our teams are also at the heart of our concerns. We value inclusiveness by recognising the diverse needs and perspectives of each employee. They work remotely, with flexible hours. As a result, our organisation is highly agile.

What is the Campbell House signature? How is what you do better, as Beth Campbell says?

Our teams work in constant creative exchange with all stakeholders to develop the most holistic and innovative solutions. An operational platform allows creative teams to focus on their core business and make direct, rapid decisions.

What's more, we have solid operational experience of the hotel industry. A decisive asset. It enables us to create spaces that are aesthetically pleasing but functional, while remaining focused on additional revenue propositions.

How many employees does the company have?

After two years, the team has grown to 14. We also work with a number of freelance designers and trusted partners who work with us on all our projects.

What is your vision of luxury?

Luxury is associated with exclusivity, exceptional craftsmanship, product quality and refined aesthetics, to offer a first-class customer experience.

Personally, I associate luxury with great flexibility and simplicity of service. I want to be able to eat or drink in a hotel with no constraints on space or service times, use sophisticated technology but without excess, and still turn off the light with the good old wall switch.

You recently announced a collaboration with Nobili to design a bathroom collection. What is the background to this project?

Campbell House's creative teams will be creating a collection from Nobili's premium range, which will be presented at the next Salone del Mobile in Milan (16 to 21 April 2024).

Nobili offers quality products that are sustainable throughout their production process. We are always looking for opportunities to design collections with partners who share our vision and your values, and it was an obvious choice for us to collaborate with this renowned Italian brand.

What are your sources of inspiration?

Our creative teams find inspiration in a wide variety of ways, including travel, fashion, literature, and film. Any experience that awakens the senses can be a source of creativity.

What's the most ambitious creation you've done? And the one you'd have dreamed of designing?
We are very proud to have begun the renovation of the Château Mont Royal in Chantilly, and our teams are mobilised to open it for the Olympic Games in 2024. Such a fast-paced and ambitious project requires a flexible, highly organised and efficient team.

Our creative director Jese Medina Suarez dreams of designing an Aman brand resort!

Which prestigious hotels do you work with?

Since our inception, we have worked with major hotel chains such as Hilton, Marriott, IHG, Jumeirah and Hyatt on a variety of their brands. In addition, we have several projects underway with Tao Hospitality with its Hakkasan restaurant brand. Other prestigious projects remain confidential at present, but we hope to be able to communicate on them soon.

What are the requirements of the luxury hotels you work with?

Our clients naturally have high standards and need to be able to offer top-of-the-range, personalised customer service. We are convinced that design can contribute to this quest for excellence.

Naturally, the rooms, communal areas, restaurants and all the facilities must reflect a refined and luxurious atmosphere. Attention to detail, high quality materials and distinctive design elements are often favoured. We strive to make the most of what already exists and to encourage local craftsmanship.

How much leeway do you have in proposing your vision for a project?

Our room for manoeuvre depends on the relationship of trust established and the willingness of stakeholders to take on board the ideas and proposals of our teams. The key to any successful project is to establish clear communication, understand the needs and constraints of the project, and strike a balance between the designer's creativity and the requirements of the hotel concept. And to trust the professionals.

What are the advantages of working with luxury hotels compared with other sectors?

Luxury hotels are associated with a high level of prestige and renown. Working with these prestigious brands can add a dimension of distinction and recognition to our company and our teams. On the other hand, the search for exceptional products and designs allows us to explore and push back the creative limits of our designers.

How do you see design evolving within luxury hotels?

Luxury hotels are increasingly looking to create unique and personalised experiences for their guests. The design of luxury hotels often reflects the uniqueness of the destination, its history, culture, and environment. The emphasis is on an authentic concept that offers a locally rooted experience.

Sustainability and social responsibility have also become key concerns. Hotels must integrate sustainable practices, using eco-friendly materials, promoting energy efficiency, reducing waste and supporting local initiatives.

What is the company's CSR policy?

We regularly seek to identify opportunities to make a positive contribution to society through initiatives such as participating in the financial support and mentoring of young talent in hospitality and design. We collaborate with networks committed to CSR (such as NEWH) to share best practice and exchange knowledge.

At every stage of the creative process, the Campbell House teams encourage the use of sustainable materials, energy efficiency, recycling and upcycling of existing furniture and artwork, and waste minimisation. For our projects, we can apply LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and Well Building practices, with teams trained in the standards.

We are also committed to reducing the damage caused to our environment, by actively reducing our teams' travel and encouraging virtual exchanges.

What trends do you think will dictate the style of hotels in the years to come?

Nature will continue to be a major source of inspiration in design. Hotels will incorporate natural elements, creating a soothing atmosphere that is connected to the environment.

I think – or at least I hope – that the trend towards well-being will continue to be a priority in hotel design, not just for guests but also and above all for employees.

What are your next development projects?

We'd like to extend our scope of development to residential, commercial and public space projects - which are increasingly looking for hotel experiences.

In the short term, we are also looking to strengthen our graphic design and branding team, which is already helping developers to create their visual identity, brand image and visual communications.

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