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Who are we?

We are trade press publishers since 1999.

Founded in 2004, Journal des Palaces is the daily B2B newspaper for the ultra-luxury and luxury hotel industry.

We write articles, interviews and reports, we select, publish and share news and jobs within the industry in France and abroad, in French and English.

Our job?

To serve the ultra-luxury and luxury hotel industry by providing useful content and food for thought.

We are committed to provide a comprehensive portal with news, career pages and useful thematic resources.

We offer this rich content free of charge through our business model based on our recruitment support solutions.

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We are the messengers
of the ultra-luxury and luxury hotel industry
Every day, we bring you the news!

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You can follow us according to your preferences

By visiting our site regularly, depending on your needs,
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journal des palaces hotellerie ultra-luxe et luxe

These are our founding values

We are at the service of and attentive to the luxury houses and professionals of the industry.

We have the will to transmit and share.
The luxury hotel industry is not elitist, it is on the contrary hospitality.
This is why we value free and open access to news and job offers.

We are committed to provide a memorable customer experience and exceed your expectations.

We like challenges and deep thinking to provide innovative, relevant, effective answers and solutions through our expertise gained over 20 years.

We favour collaborations that respect the values and relational elegance
dear to the luxury hotel industry, of which we are the proud defenders.

If you share our values and if our mission can be useful to you,
Welcome to our House.

We are a team at your service

Frédéric Abadie
Editor in Chief
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Guillaume Chollier

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Laetitia Gabriot
Staff and management assistant

Sandrine Genevrier
Website development
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Vanessa Guerrier-Buisine
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Laura Henriet
Deputy General Manager
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Romane Le Royer
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Sylvie Leroy
CEO - Publishing manager
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Journal des Palaces, at the heart of the luxury hotel industry, with passion, for 20 years

journal des palaces hotellerie ultra-luxe et luxe

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