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Your Employer brand

Think about your employer brand too by completing as much of your job as possible, this is also fully included in our two packages:

  • Choice between two job offer templates

  • Choice of colour for titles and headings on jobs (to match your graphic design)

  • Detailed presentation of the company, its values, commitments and assets for quality candidates

  • Logo of the company
    and possibly of the group if you wish

  • Cover photo
    A cover at the top of your vacancies, presentation page and recruitment days

  • Photos
    because a luxury hotel is a place where beauty, design and general appearance have an important role as well for your employees, we offer you to add photos on your ads, in unlimited number to illustrate the position to be filled. For example, for a position on the floors, photos of a suite, a bathroom, a terrace of the room... will show the candidates in which environment they will evolve

  • The GM's word
    Because we think it is important that your GM speaks to the candidates, we invite you to record the word your GM wishes to address them.

  • Your values
    Displayed on your offers, your founding values, in line with your company's vision and missions, help attract candidates who also share these values.

  • Your benefits
    Promote your benefits, as working conditions have become the priority for many to join a team.

  • Testimonials, interviews, news related to your recruitment
    to allow candidates to get to know you better

  • Video
    identical on all your offers or specific to each offer, according to your wishes. To be downloaded in your Recruiter's Area

  • Social networks
    An automatic replay of the latest messages to boost the offer and reinforce your image

  • Announcement of your recruitment days
    on our website, on the private spaces of candidates, on our social networks and in our newsletter

Not included in our packages, services on demand:

  • Implementation of your graphic charter on all current or future offers from 950 euros (service invoiced once only for each implementation)

  • Implementation of a graphic charter on all your current or future recruitment days from 750 euros (service invoiced once only with each implementation)
    The purchase of both graphic charts (offers and days) is invoiced at 1,500 euros (i.e. 200 euros discount)

Social networks

We have a strong presence on social networks, an asset to promote your brand image or your recruitment.

Here are our figures for LinkedIn and Facebook.

linkedIn 80,000 members
Facebook 25,500 fans
Instagram 3,900 followers

Le Journal des Palaces is back in the top Les Echos - Statista recruitment portals: we're still the best site specialising in the hotel industry, with the unwavering support of our candidates, who once again give us 5 stars

We would like to thank and share this trophy with ultra-luxury and luxury hotels, candidates and recruiters who continually encourage us to even greater excellence.

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