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Having made the garden "the fifth room in the house", the outdoor furniture specialist is now aiming more than ever to make its mark in the professional and hotel sectors, thanks in particular to its Garden Office concept.


Having made the garden "the fifth room in the house", the outdoor furniture specialist is now aiming more than ever to make its mark in the professional and hotel sectors, thanks in particular to its Garden Office concept.

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Article written by Guillaume Chollier on 2024-05-02

Fermob garden Office Luxembourg

New Luxembourg high tables and bar stools for the Garden Office concept
Photo credit © Romain Ricard /

The Fermob showroom for professionals, which opened just over a year ago in the 12th district of Paris, has an early summer feel to it, despite the plummeting mercury at the end of April. It's in this light, friendly atmosphere, which suits this family-run business so well, that the brand is presenting a number of new products to complement and expand the Garden Office range, which includes the Adadesk, Luxembourg and Bolder collections, the first pieces of which are due to be launched in 2023.

"Innovation is a pillar of the company," says Bernard Reybier, Fermob Chairman since 1989. "It's what started us thinking about the Garden Office concept. The outside is our kingdom, but the interaction between inside and outside doesn't stop at the private sphere. It applies to the professional sphere, but also to the hotel industry, which is increasingly offering workspaces", he explains, proud to have equipped Harvard University, Yale University, 11 of the 18 campuses in Mexico, and Google's headquarters in Mountain View. And while the appearance of Fermob sunloungers has been observed by the sharpest eyes in Cupertino, at Apple, Bernard Reybier's ambitions are undiminished: "We are receiving numerous declarations of intent from the hotel sector, which is increasingly developing its relationship with the outdoors", he stresses, as the company he heads prepares to penetrate the indoor market, with wooden furniture in particular.

Among the new products for 2024 is the Bolder table. Modular, with seating for three, it can be assembled endlessly with several other units, creating open-plan offices and welcoming communal spaces that encourage exchanges and sharing between staff. Modern in its timeless, flexible design, it offers a host of layout possibilities: brainstorming, snacks, team breaks, etc. Bolder blends in perfectly with outdoor spaces. Still in the Bolder collection, Fermob has added to its 2024 catalogue a counter and connecting plate, which can also be assembled with other units to create a linear layout, to fit around corners or to create a "U" shape, ideal for outdoor presentations. This counter is combined with a high stool, which completes the system and allows you to alternate between 100% seated and semi-seated positions.

Playful and unique, Adadesk is revolutionising office furniture. Created by the Fermob design studio, it's a playful object that allows users to adopt different sitting positions, depending on the task they're doing or their mood at the time. With its bold design, it can also be used as a decorative object! Made entirely from aluminium, it's light, easy to move and can be used in a variety of positions: straddling a tablet to write, leaning back to read or think, or leaning forward to chat informally.

In the 2024 catalogue, the Luxembourg collection has been extended to include Garden Office, with a new high table with a solid top, ideal for meetings and lunch breaks. It also includes a number of clever gadgets for comfortable outdoor working: cup-holders, steel cubbies with space for bags, files, magazines, small items or plants, and hooks for hanging bags or clothes.

"By integrating the importance of well-being and teamwork. We set out to develop a solution for creating open, flexible and welcoming communal spaces that encourage sharing and communication", explains Diane du Chaxel, Fermob's design project manager. "Thanks to the Garden Office range, we can now offer modular workspaces in addition to terraces. Our products are multi-purpose and can be used for both meetings and coffee breaks. They are designed for workers on the move, without excluding those who only enjoy the good weather for their meals. Everyone comes together around our products to change their environment and exchange ideas", she continues.

Fermob offers a vast range of products in 25 different colours. Sober or flashy, pastel or tangy, there's something for everyone. For 2024, pesto, marshmallow and gingerbread will be added to the catalogue. And, since the trend is towards customisation, the special affairs department can work à la carte, as in the case of this collaboration with the Champagne house Veuve Cliquot, for which it has produced a series of chairs in the brand's Pantone mandarin colour, embellished with a laser-cut of its name on the backrest. Another example is Crédit Agricole's Terralumia site in the Lyon suburbs, for which the furniture was specifically screen-printed.

In a contract sector that has tripled its sales in 10 years, and now accounts for 30% of the company's total sales, the hotel industry represents a real area for development. "Many urban hotels offering outdoor areas, gardens, rooftops or flex-offices are interested in the Garden Office concept and are receptive to the prospects it offers," says sales director Florence Ferrand. In fact, Fermob is already present at the Molitor Hotel, where the French brand's furniture adds a touch of colour, elegance and daring to this trendy venue, a haven for street-art artists, from the swimming pool to the property's rooftop, restaurant and bar. Further south, in the Alpilles, 'Les Petites Maisons - Hameau des Baux', a 21-suite property, was also seduced by the design of Fermob furniture. These are just two examples of Fermob's expertise and pioneering spirit in this field.

Fermob Garden Office Adadesk

Original, stylish and fun, Adadesk allows you to work in several different positions
Photo credit © Anthony Lanneretonne /

The bolder table, in its high or low version, can be combined endlessly with other similar elements
Photo credit © Anthony Lanneretonne /

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