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Accor: Solid 4.8% Like-for-Like Revenue Growth in First-Quarter 2008

Accor: Solid 4.8% Like-for-Like Revenue Growth in First-Quarter 2008

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This is a press release selected by our editorial committee and published online for free on 2008-04-16

Strong Start to the Year in the Hotels Business in Europe
Sustained Growth in Services

Accor's consolidated revenue
totaled EUR 1,791 million for the first three months of 2007. This
represented a 4.8% increase at comparable scope of consolidation and
exchange rates (like-for-like) and a 5.1% decline as reported.

(in EUR millions) 2007 2008 Change as Change
reported like-for-like(1)

Hotels 1,323 1,286 -2.8% +3.7%
Upscale and midscale 742 762 +2.6% +3.9%
Economy 365 387 +6.1% +5.3%
Economy US 216 137 -36.4% +0.1%
Services 207 227 +9.5% +10.4%
Other businesses 357 279 -22.1% +5.6%
Total 1,887 1,791 -5.1% +4.8%

(1) At constant scope of consolidation and exchange rates.
First-quarter 2008 revenue performance reflects the impact of: - The strategic refocusing on the Hotels and Services businesses (with
the disposals of Go Voyages, the Italian foodservices operations and Red
Roof Inn) and the continued deployment of the "asset-right" strategy of
adapting hotel ownership structures, which had a negative 11.0% impact on
revenue for the period;

- The expansion strategy, which added 3.0% to revenue growth;

- A negative 1.8% currency effect resulting from the appreciation of
the euro against the dollar, the pound and most South American currencies;

- The solid 4.8% first-quarter growth at constant scope of
consolidation and exchange rates and 5.8% growth adjusted for the impact of
the shift in the Easter vacation.

Services revenue up 10.4% like-for-like

Revenue from the Services business increased by 9.5% as reported and
10.4% like-for-like. Adjusted for the impact of the loss of a Ticket
Services contract in Belgium and the gradual elimination of tax breaks in
Argentina, Services revenue was up 12.6% for the quarter.

Acquisitions added 4.5% to growth. However, the currency effect was a
negative 2.3%, mainly due to the weakness of Latin American currencies.

In Europe, revenue rose by 9.5% like-for-like. Revenue gained 14.2%
like-for-like in France, following the deployment of a special action plan
to boost sales of meal vouchers, and 13.3% like-for-like in the United
Kingdom. In Belgium, adjusted for the loss of the Onem contract, revenue
was up 14.4% like-for-like, compared to a reported decline of 13.8%.

In Latin America, like-for-like growth totaled 10.6%. After a period of
slow growth in 2007 (+0.4%), revenue in Brazil rose by 5.1% while other
countries in the region saw an increase of 16.9% like-for-like.

In Argentina, revenue was up 17.3% like-for-like. Recent changes in the
country's tax laws that call for a 10% reduction in payroll tax breaks
every two months began to have a negative impact on revenue in March.

Hotels revenue up 3.7% like-for-like

Hotels revenue amounted to EUR1,286 million in the first quarter, a
decline of 2.8% compared to the prior-year period (as reported). This
figure takes into account the impact of:

- The sale of the Red Roof Inn chain and other hotel properties as part
of the "asset-right" strategy of adapting hotel ownership structures, which
reduced growth by 6.7%;

- The expansion strategy (with 4,600 rooms opened during the period),
which added 2.7% to growth;

- The currency effect, which was a negative 2.5%;

- The 3.7% increase in hotels revenue at constant scope of
consolidation and exchange rates. The shift in the Easter vacation calendar
to March in 2008 from April in 2007 in most European countries (mainly
Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain and the Benelux countries) had a
negative 1.4% impact on revenue. Adjusted for the impact of the shift in
the Easter vacation, revenue was up 5.1% for the period, reflecting a good
start to 2008 in Europe.

Upscale and Midscale Hotels revenue up 3.9% like-for-like

In upscale and midscale hotels, revenue rose by 3.9% like-for-like in
the first quarter (5.7% when adjusted for the earlier Easter vacation).

Business remained strong in France, where revenue rose by 6.5%
like-for-like, led by a very good performance from the Novotel and Mercure
chains. Results in the upscale segment were more mixed due to the brand
repositioning of Sofitel and Pullman hotels.

Germany reported a 4.3% decline in revenue like-for-like. However, when
adjusted for the earlier Easter vacations, revenue was up 3.2%, in line
with 2007.

The same trend was apparent in the United Kingdom, where revenue rose
by 5.8% excluding the vacation calendar effect, versus 3.3% as reported.

Economy Hotels (outside the US) revenue up 5.3% like-for-like

Economy hotels revenue outside the United States increased by 5.3%
like-for-like (6.8% when adjusted for the earlier Easter vacation).

In France, the year got off to a very good start, with Economy hotels
revenue gaining 4.9% like-for-like on the back of a strong performance at
Ibis (a 6.8% increase in RevPAR).

The shift in the Easter vacation calendar also had a significant impact
in the major European countries. In Germany, revenue declined by 0.2% but
increased by 5.6% when adjusted for the earlier vacation. In the United
Kingdom, revenue rose by 7.0% like-for-like and by 11.3% excluding the
calendar effect.

Economy Hotels revenue in the United States up 0.1% like-for-like

Like-for-like, Motel 6 revenue rose by 0.1%, reflecting a more
challenging economic environment in the United States as well as higher gas
prices, which adversely impacted the chain's leisure customer base.

The 36.4% first-quarter decline in Economy hotels revenue in the United
States as reported was due to the sale of Red Roof Inn in August 2007,
which trimmed EUR60 million from revenue for the period, and the weaker

Significant transactions and events of the period

Acquisition by Accor Services of a 62% interest in Motivano UK, a
leading online employee benefits provider

In January 2008, as part of its growth strategy, Accor Services
acquired a 62% stake in Motivano UK, a leading online provider of employee
benefit solutions. The shares were purchased from the venture capital firm
Geocapital Partners. The current management team will retain an aggregate
38% interest. The medium-sized transaction is expected to yield an ROCE of
around 20% in 2010.

Disposal of all of the Brazilian foodservices business

As part of its strategy of refocusing on its two core businesses,
Services and Hotels, Accor announced the sale of its remaining 50% stake in
the Brazilian foodservices business to Compass Group in the first quarter.
Compass had already acquired 50% of the business from Accor in 1998.

Financial position and results

Changes in scope of consolidation

- Expansion

In Services, acquisitions accounted for 4.5% of revenue growth for the
first three months, in line with the Group's medium-term objectives.

The expansion plan for the hotels business provides for 200,000 new
rooms to be opened between 2006 and 2010. In first-quarter 2008, expansion
(including the opening of 4,600 rooms during the period) added 2.7% to
revenue growth.

- Disposals

The Brazilian foodservices business was sold for BRL 305 million
(approximately EUR117 million). The business contributed EUR248 million to
2007 consolidated revenue.

Currency effect

The currency effect reduced revenue by 1.8%, or EUR34.3 million, for
the period.

As a sensitivity analysis, every 10-cent decline in the dollar against
the euro would have a EUR8 million impact on operating profit before tax
and non-recurring items.

Accor, the European leader and a major global group in hotels, as well
as the global leader in services to corporate clients and public
institutions, operates in nearly 100 countries with 150,000 employees. It
offers to its clients over 40 years of expertise in two core businesses:

- Hotels, with the Sofitel, Pullman, Novotel, Mercure, Suitehotel,
Ibis, all seasons, Etap Hotel, Formule 1 and Motel 6 brands, representing
4,000 hotels and nearly 500,000 rooms in 90 countries, as well as
strategically related activities, such as Lenotre.

- Services, with 30 million people in 40 countries benefiting from Accor
Services products in human resources, marketing services and expense

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