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Introducinng Voilà Hotel Rewards

Introducinng Voilà Hotel Rewards

Category: Worldwide
Article written by our desk on 2008-05-23

VOILÀ Hotel Rewards is a turn-key, point-based guest loyalty programme created specifically for independent groups to gain strength in numbers, while retaining hotel individuality and operational freedom.


In the past ten years, the mega-brand loyalty programmes have revolutionized the hotel business. Tonight and every night, 40% of Hilton beds will be filled with their loyalty members, who generate a higher ADR, while lowering distribution costs as a result of direct bookings on the loyalty program’s website. These programmes, more than anything else, have taken market-share from the independent sector to the branded properties of Hilton, InterContinental, Starwood and Marriott.

Previously, independents did not have the international reach, marketing resources, IT infra-structure, or weight of hotel numbers to provide anything but a local loyalty/rewards offering to frequent guests. Until now...

VOILÀ is the answer to delivering a meaningful global rewards programme for your properties by combining hundreds of unique, eclectic independents and smaller groups from around the world to form a powerful alliance. A similar, and successful model, is found in the airline sector – with Oneworld and Star Alliance – which bring together regional carriers to create a globally significant offering for their frequent customers.

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