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Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse 25 years of essential cuisine (Monaco)

Le Louis XV - Alain Ducasse 25 years of essential cuisine (Monaco)

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This is a press release selected by our editorial committee and published online for free on 2012-03-27

« My encounter with Monaco was a magical and important moment in my life. It is here between France and Italy that I have concentrated my Rivieras. Today, I know that this region that serenades the sun has inspired all my cooking. Its strength and honesty are drawn from the earth. »

Alain Ducasse

This year, the Louis XV is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Launching a year of celebration, a very special birthday menu will be inaugurated this spring, on March 22nd, a perfect illustration of the Louis XV cuisine: sincere, well tuned, respectful and delicious.

An event that will be the cause for a worldwide celebration from Alain Ducasse’s chefs who will pay tribute to essential cuisine by adding an especially created Mediterranean inspired dish to their menu, while others will chose the Louis XV signature dessert: le Baba au rhum comme à Monte-Carlo.

A journey to the heart of the Riviera’s… Inspiring and inspired

In May 1987, Alain Ducasse opens the doors to the Louis XV. Prince Rainier III of Monaco and Monte-Carlo SBM entrust him with the daunting task to turn the Louis XV into the first hotel restaurant to be awarded three Michelin stars, and as a deadline, he is given a maximum of four years. Against all odds, only thirty-three months later, Alain Ducasse- 33 years old at the time- wins the challenge: three stars are awarded to the restaurant. The momentum is gathering, yet the adventure has only just begun.

On the Casino Square, the Hôtel de Paris is home to the Louis XV. The moment the client exits the revolving door they are plunged into the history of this legendary Palace, so evocative of the elegant fasts of the Belle Époque. Those seeking culinary emotions are naturally drawn towards the Louis XV. Then begins a journey where time stands still.

The sumptuous Versailles inspired dining room, frescoes, velvet, chandeliers and large mirrors, the fine bone china, crystal and vermillion…Inside this dazzling setting, the service evolves, a discreet ballet of an attentive staff, entirely dedicated to the 50 guests.

At the heart of the Riviera, facing the Mediterranean, a culinary identity imposed itself as evidence from the very start to Alain Ducasse. He wanted to serve « an “Italian mamma”, popular food, under the gilded ceiling of the Louis XV » in order to seduce a demanding clientele, searching for authenticity.

Nestled between land and sea, amongst the hills of Nice and Liguria, the abundant and generous nature of the area is source to Alain Ducasse’s infinite inspiration. His fare interprets nature as seasons pass. It is always a concentration of flavours, of aromas and colours. But also of sentiment, passion, sobriety and rigour. It gives the best role to each ingredient, sublimates it on the quest for original aromas.

For 25 years, the Louis XV has produced food respectful of its environment. An essential cuisine that seeks to renew how we perceive Haute-Cuisine.

A tribute anniversary menu

The menu imagined by Alain Ducasse, Franck Cerutti and Dominique Lory to celebrate the 25 years of the Louis XV simultaneously pays tribute to nature who within it, presents all its treasures and to those who are its modest craftsmen.

During his years as an apprentice to Michel Guérard, Roger Vergé and Alain Chapel, Alain Ducasse has retained what has become the cornerstone of his culinary philosophy: to exalt the truth in all produce without impairing them, searching for the source of the flavour. The cook only interprets with measure and humility what nature has offered.

It is this simple story that the chef has written throughout the years at the Louis XV. As a lover of life and nature, the chef declares his unconditional passion to the produce. He apposes his hallmark onto masterfully orchestrated cuisine, uniquely inspired and simplified in an appearance that literally splashes the tables of the Louis XV with colour.

« At 23 years old, I discovered what I call the Mediterranean distinction. This was, for me, like a second birth. Unique produce, bursting with sunshine, brought forth from arid land, a sea teaming with rock fish gorged with more flavor than any other, and that olive oil that I impose on the tables of the Louis XV, with the same deference that I give to wine.

There are no complicated creations: I sublimate the produce, they are centre stage. »

The first menus of the Louis XV carried this preamble: « Thanks to authentic greengrocers, farmers, breeders, butchers, fishermen, mushroom gatherers, we have the privilege to present the best produce which we treat with all the respect they deserve. For this reason, each dish has its own story and each provider his reason to continue his quest for beauty ».

25 years later, it has remained unchanged. Alain Ducasse continues to maintain a privileged contact with these men and women animated by the passion for their work, for quality and by the diversity of their products.

Year after year, it was necessary to patiently explore the roads in each region to search out these lovers of nature and beauty, and then create with them these privileged bonds of trust.

It was necessary to find the perfect produce and the perfect time, in the perfect place.

Like cooks these passionate craftsmen are searching for simple, healthy food, respectful of what nature has given them. « Because a restaurant is above anything, a place to eat » says Alain Ducasse, adding that we owe it to ourselves to « give back to technique its true and unique role: to reveal the flavours of nature ».

The Louis XV anniversary will reveal all the treasures of the Rivieras as the seasons go by, all year long

In the spring:

While you wait…

Pan Bagna with thin sheets of bread printed with vegetables.

San Remo Gamberoni, delicate rock fish gelée, caviar.

Cookpot of Haute-Provence small spelt, morels and spring vegetables

Snapper and “trumpet” zucchini, condiment of local flavours.

Suckling lamb roasted in the fireplace, peas, spring onions, green garlic and “pommes grenaille”

Our selection of regional goats cheese Bitter citrus fruit, lemon jelly and grapefruit/Campari sorbet.

Warm Piedmond hazelnut soufflé

After dinner sweets and chocolates by Alain Ducasse

The anniversary menu is available until December at 280 €
(as an option, a selection of wines at 145 €).

The Louis XV 1987 - 2012:
25 years of passion and experience

Franck Cerutti, one of Alain Ducasses closest and most faithful chefs, personifies the soul of the Louis XV. « Our customers expect us to be ourselves, not to cater to an image of standardised luxury. » he says. He shares the same down to earth mind-set as Alain Ducasse, the same passion of the produce and love for cooking.

It is with the assistance of Dominique Lory, head of the Louis XV kitchens, of Nicolas Cailleaud, head pastry chef, Noël Bajor, head sommelier and Michel Lang, restaurant manager that together they ensure client satisfaction, day after day.

A passionate and dedicated team who work together behind the scenes daily.

And beyond the story that is written for the clients each day in the dining room or in the kitchen, the Louis XV is also « a necessary step on the journey for young people we wish to form, where we teach them to respect the produce, a school of life with proximity to nature. » says Alain Ducasse.

For 25 years, committed and animated collaborators come to learn Alain Ducasses’ culinary philosophy, the cornerstone of his cuisine.

It is at the Louis XV that Alain Ducasse trained and still trains most of his chefs, the same chefs who then go on to carry his gastronomy to the four corners of the world.

Together and all across the globe, all his chefs are celebrating with the same enthusiasm the 25 year anniversary of the Louis XV.

The Louis XV 25th anniversary celebrated across the globe

The Louis XV-Alain Ducasse is open for lunch and dinner from Thursday to Monday.
Terrace from May to September.
Open Wednesday evenings from end June to beginning September.
Lunch menu 140 € wine included.
Lunch and dinner: Menu Gardens of Provence at
210 €; Anniversary menu at 280 €.
Tel.: +377 980 68 864

About Monte-Carlo SBM

Since its creation nearly 150 years ago, the group Monte- Carlo SBM has imposed an image of an extremely high quality brand, inimitable and audacious in the world of luxury tourism. The mythical group imposes itself as the keeper of classism, glamour and elegance while simultaneously tirelessly seeking out new trends tastes and technologies.

Today, Monte-Carlo SBM is a luxury brand whose art is practiced in its four hotels, 3 of which have been awarded 5 stars (l’Hôtel de Paris, l’Hôtel Hermitage, le Monte-Carlo Beach) and one 4 star (le Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort), thirty restaurants and bars, and 4 casinos. It extends its reach in the fields of entertainment and culture, with man theatres and venues (The Sporting Monte-Carlo, the Salle Garnier de l’Opéra for concerts and unique festivals) as well as well-being, with the Thermes Marins Monte-Carlo.

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