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[pure]Gold is a new and original concept, specifically designed for the upgrade of luxury bars


[pure]Gold is a new and original concept, specifically designed for the upgrade of luxury bars

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This is a press release selected by our editorial committee and published online for free on 2021-02-12
Filed by [pure]Gold Ltd.

The main feature of [pure]Gold is the diversified use of real gold.
Its main purpose is to offer a refined global sensory experience. But, so intense, that it goes beyond the already known physical properties of this precious metal.

Its application excludes the use of real gold only for purely decorative purposes, preferring instead to focus on the exploitation of what are its recognized immaterial qualities - notably symbolic.
Inspired by that millennial path that has found its highest expression in a particular kind of artistic production. Assumed, however, in this specific case, in a definitely more secular mode - but no less effective and exciting.

Compared to other concept genres, [pure]Gold does not require levels of investment, that it would be normal to expect from a concept in which pure gold plays a leading role. In fact, the reality of this concept is to evolve around all the components of the bar, in order to achieve an elegant integration with the potentialities of real gold - “conditio sine qua non” to achieve that sensory experience that is the ultimate goal of the concept.

Although considerably increasing the quality of the environment in which the [pure]Gold concept is implemented, this strategy has the undoubted advantage of avoiding the discomfort of significant renovation work - usually required when it is necessary to modify existing structures.

The concept [pure]Gold has been specifically designed to adapt itself to what will be the next tendencies in the hospitality industry. Tendencies that, on the one hand, will require innovations - those that can erase the bitter experiences of the recent past, on the other hand, they will have to respond to the expectations of customers, who are still extremely sensitive to the health situation experienced in these recent months. Due to a traumatic past that will take a long time before it can be completely overcome.

A "concept" like [pure]Gold, which knows how to exploit gold through its superior qualities, is certainly able to soothe this sensitivity. Its use is a guarantee of a powerful and original innovation - capable of transforming any bar into a luxury hotels legend and, at the same time, it can become the best solution to respond concretely to this new type of expectations.

To anyone interested in knowing every detail about the concept [pure]Gold and to those who want to be informed regarding the commercial strategies related to its implementation, I strongly recommend using the coordinates reported in this article to contact me privately.

Michele Luigi Simonelli

email -
Phone +33 6 67 36 07 28

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