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Design is the art of mixing and mastering different elements to create a visually coherent and aesthetic whole.


Design is the art of mixing and mastering different elements to create a visually coherent and aesthetic whole.

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This is a press release selected by our editorial committee and published online for free on 2022-02-24

Here I will introduce you to the main components that will allow you to create and design.

1) Interior design

This step includes several elements, such as the choice of FF&E (Furniture, Fixture and Equipment), i.e., the furniture that will bring character and identity to the place where it will be installed. Knowing how to select the furniture that will make a difference is an art!

You need to determine a style according to the desired ambiance and know the right suppliers who have the rare pearl that will give a particular cachet to your design project.

You can even have your pieces created for even more exclusivity.

To emphasize the importance of a room or a piece of furniture, you will need careful lighting. Lights can considerably change an atmosphere depending on what you want to highlight.

- Floral arrangements are a great way to bring color and liven up your design with the seasons.

Prestigious establishments, such as the Metropole Monte-Carlo Hotel, regularly use them in their scenography to bring themes into their decor.

2) Colors and Matching

Matching the right colors is a science in design. You must pay attention to the details and understand the subtleties and how they work.

The best color combinations are complementary colors. These are found on the color wheel opposite each other. Some combinations may seem bold to you, but it is this effect that makes them successful. Example: green and red, blue and orange, yellow and purple, etc.

For colors that should not be combined, you just must look at the colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.

Example: green and blue, red and pink, brown and black, etc.

3) Personal enrichment

Indeed, the inspiration comes first from you and from all the experiences you accumulate during your life. Your travels and your general culture will make your work more elaborate, original, and researched.

The influences from your life will have a considerable impact on your creativity and will help you in your search for a unique design and atmosphere.  

4) Awakening the 5 senses

The visual is not the only sense to emphasize when designing a space. Knowing how to use olfactory and sound ambiences to give the final touch to your project can be the factor that makes the difference.

If you would like expert help in modifying or improving the design of your establishment, do not hesitate to contact Blossom Projects:

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