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Take a step towards simplicity and rediscover wellness in its purest form, with trails & hikes for every level curated by Rocco Forte Hotels.


Take a step towards simplicity and rediscover wellness in its purest form, with trails & hikes for every level curated by Rocco Forte Hotels.

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This is a press release selected by our editorial committee and published online for free on 2024-06-17

A recent Global Wellness Summit report coined the “Power of the Pilgrimage” a continually growing wellness trend for 2024.

Across Europe, historic trails are being restored to reflect this. As wellness wisdom becomes ever more complicated, simple strategies to feel good have greater appeal than ever and enjoying the great outdoors is top of the list in 2024.

Whether wandering the Roman countryside, trekking the coast of Sicily or finding hidden lakes in Munich, Rocco Forte Hotels has the inside track on all things local, with walking excursions for every type of hiker.

A rewarding way to explore and an easy route to a healthy body and mind, Rocco Forte Hotels offers bespoke, guided or independent hikes to get guests back to nature.

Guests will be dropped off and collected at their leisure with private transfers to and from the walking route.

Accompanying them on their journey, guests will receive a specially prepared picnic filled with nostalgic favourites such as freshly made sandwiches and sweet treats, reminding walkers of the simple pleasures, to be enjoyed against the backdrop of nature’s most beautiful landscapes.

After the hike, guests return to the hotel to indulge in utter relaxation with Irene Forte Spa products and treatments, such as a massage developed to soothe weary limbs and recuperate bodies.

Rome, Italy

To see the wild side of the eternal city, Rocco Forte Hotels properties in Rome, Hotel de la Ville and Hotel de Russie offer a service that caters to every type of hiking experience.

Each bespoke adventure is arranged by the concierge to suit guest preferences including transfers, tips and guides. One recommendation for beginners is the Veio Park Hike.

The Veio Park is a natural reserve located just outside Rome, extending between the ancient Roman consular roads Flaminia and Cassia. The paths are mostly flat and home to plenty of wildlife, from cows to horses and wild boars.

Veio is remembered in the history of Rome as the last Etruscan city to fall in a siege that lasted 10 years.

In the park, there are many vestiges of this ancient greatness including the temple dedicated to the deity Apollo of Veio.
  • Best for: Animal lovers
  • Elevation gain: Flat
  • Route Type: Easy
  • Estimated time: Various routes available from 1 hour to 6 hours

Florence, Italy

Tuscany offers a variety of historic pilgrimage routes of immense scenic and cultural value.

The team at Hotel Savoy are passionate about walking them and helping guests discover the stories that made the region what it is today: a place of discovery and hospitality.

The team recommends the Tuscan leg of Via Francigena, a historic pilgrimage, winding through the ever-changing landscape from Canterbury to Rome.

The journey was first recorded by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sigeric, on his way to Rome in AD 990 entering Tuscany by the current Cisa Pass.

Today the Francigena represents an important cultural journey, whether by foot or bicycle, it is a spirit-enriching route for lovers of slow travel.
  • Best for: Following Medieval footsteps
  • Length: Tuscan leg is 19.5 km
  • Elevation gain: From the 1,100 meters height of the Passo della Cisa, pligrims follow the path to the Righetto Pass, where they find a steep and difficult descent to Groppoli, located 400 meters above sea level.
  • Route Type: Ancient walking trail
  • Estimated time: 5 hours

Sicily, Italy

Popular with guests at Rocco Forte Hotels’ Verdura Resort is the Torre Salsa Trail, an inspiring coastal route with the promise of beautiful beaches and historic ruins.

Once a network of 16th-century towers designed to fend off pirate attacks, the reserve is 761 hectares of hills, cliffs, sand dunes, fields, and wetlands. Walkers can look out for a variety of local animals and birds such as tiny loggerhead Sea Turtles.

On return to Verdura, regeneration awaits at the Irene Forte Sicilian Spa, set around an open-air courtyard, amongst the palms, orange groves and olive trees.
  • Best for: Ocean views
  • Length: 4km
  • Elevation gain: 109m
  • Route Type: Out-and back
  • Estimated time: 1hr 5mins
  • Extra info: Torre Salsa is an area rich in geological history exhibiting a variety of unique sedimentary rocks known as “evaporites”
In Palermo, the team at Villa Igiea, are celebrating the 400th anniversary of the Festino di Santa Rosalia - the great Patron Saint feast of Palermo, with a guided hike for guests to Pellegrino Mountain.

Opposite the hotel and appearing to rise from the sea, Monte Pellegrino has been historically labelled "the most beautiful promontory in the world".

Characterised by an extremely lively orography, climbers can discover 134 caves of marine and/or karst origin.

Guests can choose from a ‘’naturalistic itinerary’’ and a "pilgrimage-visit itinerary", one celebrating the rich biodiversity of the area and the other uncovering the spiritual history of the mountain.
  • History buffs
  • Length: 17.1km
  • Elevation gain: 759m
  • Route Type: Circular, challenging
  • Estimated time: 5hr 40 minutes

Munich, Germany

The beautiful city of Munich, home to The Charles Hotel, is filled with expansive green spaces and picturesque lakes. The hotel recommends an excursion to Lake Starnberg in Bavaria, ideal for families and nature lovers.

At an altitude of 726 meters, the Ilkahöhe offers a magnificent panoramic view of Lake Starnberg and the Alps. The trail starts with a walk through the village of Höhenberg, framed by a rare combination of spruce, chestnut and lime trees.

After walking through an idyllic forest, the ascent continues on a tarred road leading to the summit of the Ilkahöhe and a breathtaking view of the lake, mountains and St. Nicholas Church.

The Charles Hotel offers a post-hike spa treatment, including a foot massage and deep-pressure massage with Alpine oil.
  • Best for: Panoramic countryside
  • Length: 2.5km
  • Elevation gain: 120m
  • Route Type: Technically easy circular hike
  • Estimated time: 45 minutes
  • Extra info: The Ilkahöhe hike starts directly at the train station in Tutzing, just half an hour from central Munich

Berlin, Germany

Berlin has plenty to offer for avid hikers, with extensive forest and water areas, there are plenty of choices to enjoy nature and exercise. From hiking in the city on the Wuhletal trail to climbing through the Grunewald forest for city views.

A special suggestion from Hotel de Rome is hiking with water buffaloes on the Tegeler Fliess River.

The hike starts at the charming Alt-Lübars, the oldest village in Berlin, and meanders downstream to Schloss Tegel on Lake Tegel.

A Bavarian adventure awaits in the enchanting natural landscapes of the Lübarser Felder nature reserve where wild water buffalo roam freely.
  • Best for: Exotic landscapes
  • Length: 8 km
  • Elevation gain:
  • Route Type: moderate difficulty
  • Estimated time: 2-3 hours

Brussels, Belgium

Situated in the heart of Brussels, next to the picturesque Grand Place, Rocco Forte Hotels’ Hotel Amigo is ideally located for exploring the city and surrounding countryside by foot.

Hotel Amigo suggests Crahay Rocks - Ninglinspo Valley for getting back to nature. This short hike takes place through the Porallée wood, starting from the village of Nonceveux.

Following the Ninglinspo River, it passes gently trickling waterfalls and exhibits the 300 million years old Crahay Rocks, that formed when the Ardennes forests were covered by sea.
  • Best for: Families & dogs
  • Length: 6.3km
  • Elevation gain: 240m
  • Route Type: Moderately challenging loop
  • Estimated time: 1 h 57 min
  • Extra info: Forest, river, views, waterfalls

Edinburgh, Scotland

A 35 minute drive from The Balmoral, a Rocco Forte Hotel, guests will discover the enchanting Roslin Glen, where Rosslyn Chapel is located - the perfect walk for those interested in Scottish history and exploring the wild countryside.

The Rosslyn Chapel is admired for its intricate stonework and mysterious history, dating back to the Early Middle Ages. After a visit to the chapel, continue further along the trail to the dramatic woodland gorge of Roslin Glen, a picturesque location formed of leafy paths and a ruined castle.

The Balmoral offers walkers a picnic featuring seasonal sandwiches such as the Classic Balmoral with smoked salmon, shallots, capers, lemon and crème fraîche on sourdough bread.

On return, guests can reward themselves at the hotel spa with the Forte Body Ritual, promising a relaxing foot soak, full body scrub and massage using oils from the sundrenched flora of Sicily.
  • Best for: Dramatic castles
  • Length: 6km
  • Elevation gain: 199m
  • Route Type: Circular trail
  • Estimated time: 1hr 44mins

London, England

Brown’s Hotel recommends taking the train to Richmond for an immersion in nature in London’s largest park, covering 2,500 acres.

Created by Charles I as a deer park in the 17th century, the ancient woods, rolling hills and wide-open grasslands are bursting with wildlife.

From historic herds of deer to birds, fungi and flowers, nature lovers will be thrilled to get their fill of the outdoors without leaving the capital.

Though there are many routes to choose from, the Tamsin Trail is particularly popular due to its circular route covering all areas of the park.

On return to Brown’s Hotel, a Deep Muscle Relax Massage offers relief from deep-seated muscle tension and the Reflex Foot Zone Massage, eases pain in the feet and lower legs.
  • Best for: Royal approval
  • Length: 11.7km
  • Elevation gain: 232m
  • Route Type: Circular, moderately challenging
  • Estimated time: 2hr 53mins
  • Extra Info: Open all year round, dogs are welcome on leads
Take advantage of the Forte Escapes offer to book for 2 nights or more.

Photo credit © Rocco Forte Hotels

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