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The new general manager of the hotel, located on the Croisette, aims to bring the people of Cannes into his property and make it a place where a mixed clientele is the rule.


The new general manager of the hotel, located on the Croisette, aims to bring the people of Cannes into his property and make it a place where a mixed clientele is the rule.

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Article written by Vanessa Guerrier-Buisine on 2024-04-22

Jean-Philippe Vanthielt, General Manager of Mondrian Cannes

Jean-Philippe Vanthielt, General Manager of Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Oberst

Just seven minutes from the stairs of the Palais des Festivals, Mondrian Cannes faces a majestic 4,000 m² garden, the only one of its kind on the Croisette.

The hotel opened its doors in March 2023, after seven months of transformation and renovation of the Grand Hotel, involving an investment of some 20 million euros. A renaissance that combines respect for its heritage and a plunge into the contemporary era, embodying modernity in the facilities and services offered to a clientele searching for elegance, proximity, and simplicity.

Jean-Philippe Vanthielt, the successor to Hugues Raybaud, who embodied the hotel for 38 years, has been at the helm of the establishment for several months now. He brought his touch of soul to the setting designed by the French-Brazilian architectural firm Triptyque.

On the upper floors, 75 keys provide access to rooms with a minimum surface area of 36m². All are decorated in Art Deco style, punctuated by photographs selected by the hotel's owner. Another of the Mondrian's assets is that “it is the highest hotel on La Croisette”, as the staff proudly declare, inviting guests to admire the breathtaking view from the sea-view rooms, stretching from the Estérel to the Lérins islands. The hotel has rooms facing the historic facades and hills of Cannes, and others facing the sea, with balconies - the most sought-after.

Downstairs, from the lobby to the gardens and the beach, the emphasis is on uninhibited luxury and relaxed service.

A new F&B offering, serving a mixed clientele

One year after opening, the General Manager aimed to consolidate the culinary offer and create a differentiating identity. The Grand Hotel had been cultivating a traditional gastronomic culture for 30 years, so he wanted to shake things up. “Today's customers are looking for a very good culinary signature, good service and a good atmosphere,” sums up Jean-Philippe Vanthielt. “So there's been a shift in direction, a radical one because the teams have stayed the same,” but the philosophy has changed.

He therefore called on the chef with whom he had worked not far away, at the Gray d'Albion hotel, and with whom he had built up a real relationship of trust over the years. Pierrick Cizeron put down his knives at Mondrian Cannes last December. Overhauling the menus for the beach and the hotel's restaurant, Mr. Nakamoto, are at the heart of the new chef's attention, combined with the F&B offer in its entirety, notably for teams through the refectory. “We've switched to Asian cuisine, which could be found in Dubai, London, or New York”.

On the beach, Jean-Philippe Vanthielt wants to create a different atmosphere from other Croisette beaches. Here, the aim is to attract locals, by being open 7/365, to become an essential meeting place. To this end, Pierrick Cizeron has created a Mediterranean menu, focusing on “Riviera cuisine, with a strong Italian influence”. In the Mr. Nakamoto restaurant, the chef makes the most of his Asian influences. In all his outlets, the committed chef is keen to promote seasonal produce, even if it means refusing to serve strawberries as a side dish to champagne in the room during winter.

A culinary development that ties in with the project closest to the manager's heart: rethinking the bar and garden offer, to encourage Cannes residents and other locals to walk through the park to reach this new living space. A mixologist expert and coffee master has been brought in to contribute her know-how, and plans are underway to create a real signature that locals will love.

A bright spot in the first year of business

The Mondrian's location, facing the sea, in the heart of La Croisette, and above all, less than 10 minutes' walk from the Palais des Festivals, has enabled the hotel to get off to a flying start. “We've had a very good year, in terms of guest feedback, quality, brand perception, renovations…” enthuses the general manager.

With loyal guests seduced by the hotel's respect for its DNA, and new guests won over by this discreet setting, opinions seem to be unanimous, enabling the teams to work serenely. What's more, “there are guests of all ages, with a wide variety of profiles”, says Jean-Philippe Vanthielt since his arrival.

“Our first asset in Cannes is the sun, and the Palais des Festivals brings us business on a silver platter. We're fortunate to have a very active palace and a town hall that's committed to the socio-professional sector. The destination is being embellished and modernized, and is going green with the highly innovative Thalassa-thermal system. There's really a global approach that affects tourism, local people, MICE…” describes Jean-Philippe Vanthielt.

The Mondrian's business evolves to the rhythm of the MICE organized in Cannes, as well as to the rhythm of leisure travellers, present during school vacations and, above all, during summer, which here extends from May to October. “We work with the US market, the Middle East at certain times of the year, and Europe, with France in the lead, but we want to reinforce our strong existing markets, and open up to emerging markets such as Australia and Brazil,” continues the director.

Here, there are no delegations like in the other iconic properties on La Croisette, but guests looking for a closer, more intimate experience. “We're attracting new, third-generation guests from the Middle East, who come as couples or families to discover France. Historically, Middle Eastern guests came in July and August. Now, these guests come to enjoy the early and late seasons too”.

Jean-Philippe Vanthielt and his teams have many ambitions. They are all committed to ensuring that the Mondrian is no longer such a secret garden in the heart of the Croisette.

Prestige room of Mondrian Cannes

Prestige room of Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Oberst

The Mondrian Cannes from the beach
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Oberst

The gardens of Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Oberst

Mr Nakamoto's restaurant at the Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes

View of one of the suites at the Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes

A bathroom with a view of Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Cubeddu

Pierrick Cizeron, chef at Mondrian Cannes
Photo credit © Mondrian Cannes / Studio 12

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Mondrian Cannes
45 Boulevard De La Croisette
06400 Cannes
Groupe : Mondrian Hotels & Residences
Number of rooms and suites: 75

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