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1/ Figures :

October 2018:
101.207 page views on Journal des Palaces, excluding the career pages and privates accounts
Source: Google Analytics

- 7 891 subscribers to our newsletter
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2/ Advertisement placements and rates* :
- TOP : Your ad at the bottom of the welcome page and at the top of interior pages of the website excluding private accounts**:
Size : 1140 x 130 pixels
1 month: 450 euros excl. VAT (from the first to the last day of a calendar month)
(only for a 1-month period)
Rotated banner (max. 3 ads at the same placement and for the same period of time)
Exclusivity on demand
Artwork change during the period: 50 euros excl. VAT per change


- Your banner in our newsletter :
Offered with your advertising (COLUMN or TOP), displayed during the same period

* Rates on January, 1st 2016
** Excluding mobile and tablet version

3/ Technical details:

- TOP:
Size : 1140 x 130 pixels
Format : .gif
Animated or not

Size : 680 x 120 pixels
Format : .gif
Animated or not

Every request is presented to our desk in order to validate its adequation with our market position.

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