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Are you the communication or the PR manager?

Create a Press Corner for your company or your client's company and submit your press releases for free.

Your press releases must imperatively and solely concern ultra-luxury and luxury hospitality, gourmet restaurants and upscal spas.

Your press release should not talk about hospitality sector in general.

We will look carefully at each submitted press release and we do reserve the right to refuse if it doesn't match our editorial line.

Topic examples: appointment, opening, renovation, new affiliation, new unique experiences for guest, conferences, new product, shows, rewards etc.

If you press release is selected by our desk, we will publish it in on Journal des Palaces.

These services are free of charge. Why?Because we do not want to push back any interesting news and give our readers the most complete review.

In the same way, readers have free-access to our news section in order that anybody may read them. We ensure the greatest visibility of your press releases.

So, what is charged?Interview or editorial:
Carried out by one of our journalists, starting from 300 euros.
Send an email to or contact us for more information via the yellow dialog box entitled "Question?" located at the bottom right of your screen (office hours).

Press conferences and trips Invitations to press trip, press conferences and events has to be sent to

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