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Floreat, a new English sparkling botanic wine created with therapeutic herbs, launches to the UK market (United Kingdom)

Category: Europe - United Kingdom - Gourmet restaurants
Press release published on 2019-06-21

Pioneering a new category of sophisticated sparkling botanic wines, Floreat has now launched to the UK market.

Taking its name from the Latin term, meaning ‘let flourish’, Floreat is the brainchild of Anne-Marie Hurst, a qualified medical herbalist and former Diageo executive, who has united British expertise and craftsmanship to reinvent the tonic wine with wellness and the modern drinker in mind.

Addressing the global shift towards more mindful living and consumption, Floreat is uniquely crafted with a special blend of high-quality botanicals that have been thoughtfully handpicked by Anne-Marie for their therapeutic advantages as much as for their flavour. Bridging the worlds of wine and wellness, Floreat contains botanicals with benefits that range from anti-oxidants to cell regeneration for hair, nails and skin, to stress relief.

Moving beyond long-held drinks industry conventions, whereby botanical extracts are used primarily for the purpose of adding taste, Floreat creatively challenges standards to introduce a new, lower alcohol wine that optimizes socializing while unveiling the often-overlooked therapeutic benefits of herbs.

Floreat has its beginnings at Anne-Marie’s kitchen table at her home, Grade II-listed Trevella Manor in Cornwall. It was there that she mixed over 300 different herbs and botanicals with the aim of identifying a set that met her requirements: an appealing and modern flavour profile that simultaneously offers a broad range of desired benefits.

To take on the brilliant yet complex task of bringing this novel drink to life, Anne-Marie formed a specialized development team to supplement her own expertise. Fred Hollamby-Jones, a chemist and master tea-blender, focuses on ensuring the herbal constituents are protected during production, while mixologist and sommelier Andrew Mclean works to combine a variety of flavour profiles to create the desired end product.
Every sip of Floreat has been perfectly balanced through a unique, patented process that expertly combines, in therapeutic quantities, the best medical-grade herbs, vitamins and active botanicals with a Pinot Grigio from northern Italy. The herbs, all organic and produced biodynamically where possible, include violets, fresh rose petals, lime flowers and milk thistle seeds.

Each sip brings with it specific health benefits: from rose petals as an antidepressant and antioxidant, to milk thistle seeds as a digestive tonic that helps protect the liver, to lime flowers, recognized for treating anxiety and hypertension as well as the common cold. Vitamins C, B, E and zinc are also present for their respective mind- and mood-boosting properties.

The result is a light, bright, golden-coloured tipple that at just 5.4% ABV has mindful consumption at its heart. The nose is crisp and zesty, leading into delicate notes of gooseberry, floral blossom and melon. With a light perlage, Floreat is best served chilled, ideally to be enjoyed on its own.

Anne-Marie Hurst comments: “We are so pleased to bring our creative vision for Floreat to life and to address in a unique way people’s increasing desire to drink better. We passionately believe that wellness and alcohol are not mutually exclusive categories, but rather can be approached from an outlook whereby one complements the other. Floreat is the result of our tireless pursuit to establish a new way of drinking that optimizes socializing with added benefits to both the mind and body.”

Striking a new balance between health and hedonism, Floreat adds to life’s natural pleasures as the drink of choice for a revitalizing way to enjoy summer.

Floreat is available in the UK now.
It can be purchased at for £26 per bottle.

Anne-Marie Hurst, Founder

Anne-Marie is the originator and founder of Floreat. Having always been passionate about the drinks industry, she spent over a decade working as a senior director at Diageo to bring new complex concepts to the alcoholic beverage market whilst understanding consumer response and demands for modern drinks brands. Prior to Diageo, she honed her professional expertise at top management and business strategy consultancies.

After having two children, Anne-Marie was inspired to embark upon a new seven-year challenge and qualified as a medical herbalist through the National Institute of Medical Herbalists. Her idea for creating a sparkling botanic wine was born from the aim to leverage her knowledge of the drinks industry in an inventive way, while giving friends a wellness-focused tonic that would help alleviate the stresses of careers, family or life’s events. Recruiting a close team of bold-minded and knowledgeable specialists across the fields of chemistry, botany and wine, Anne-Marie formed The Flower Miners, whose debut product is Floreat.

Fred Hollamby-Jones, Head of Product Development and Production

Fred has played a pivotal role in the development of Floreat, providing invaluable expertise in using plants therapeutically to develop a stable product. As a renowned expert in botanical extraction with over 35 years’ experience in new product development, he has held top roles at global companies including Unilever and Mars. In 2011, he co-founded The Create Group, a leading UK-based business consultancy and product development incubator, where he has been a key adviser in every stage from product development, marketing strategy, and commercial business. Fred is also a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and holds degrees in Pure, Analytical and Applied Chemistry.

Andrew Mclean, Mixologist and Sommelier

Trained as a chemist, Andrew holds a unique ability to combine taste, wine production techniques and chemistry, which has made him critical to the development of Floreat. Having lived in Cape Town, South Africa, he studied at the Hurts Campus on the Backsberg wine estate. It is there that he opened his mind and refined his palate through a detailed grounding and learning about wines and wine-making from Michael Back himself. His thorough understanding of flavours is put to use with Floreat, where he expertly and carefully blends the high-quality ingredients to ensure optimal taste.

Photo credit © Floreat.

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This press release has been selected by Frédéric Abadie

Frédéric Abadie
Managing editor of Journal des Palaces, previously editor-in-chief for French radios and newspapers, founder of news agencies for Internet service provider (1998-2002) and author of French politicians biographies.

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