Evok opens its new hotel in the Marais - Sinner
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Evok opens its new hotel in the Marais - Sinner (France)

Category: Europe - France - Hotel opening
Press release published on 2019-07-18

Sinner is located in the heart of the lively, eclectic Marais and breaks the rules of a luxury hotel.

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

As it reveals its own take on the city, it shares its vision of Parisian style, which is a true departure from long-established traditions.

Sinner pushes back boundaries. It captures an irreverence without renouncing the luxury and elegance which characterize the capital’s finest addresses.

At Sinner, for the first time, religious heritage, history, glamour, and mystery all mingle within a unique hotel.

Sinner sees things a little differently, and doesn’t do anything the ordinary way.


Sinner is curious about its era and sensitive to everything that makes its neighbourhood and city special. Naturally, Sinner’s personality is entwined with the history of the Marais, but it also plunges deep into the pool of talents within it and surrounding it. Cultural events — whether it’s art, architecture, fashion, music, or design — always resonate behind the stained-glass windows of Sinner.


The Marais is one of Paris’s oldest neighbourhoods. Now vibrant and forward-looking, this emblematic Parisian neighbourhood is alive with art, design, and fashion. This unmissable place in Paris gives you the chance to discover contemporary art galleries, addresses of young designers’ boutiques, and take a historical stroll through the heart of a neighbourhood marked by its past. There are museums, hotels, and gardens on every street corner.

Sinner has made the rich – religious, architectural, vibrant, creative and avant-garde – heritage of the Marais its own by creating a unique, disruptive identity. And by revealing the standards of a fine hotel: excellence, flexibility, attention to detail, and genuine service.

Sinner is for artistic types, urban explorers, and individualistic wanderers, who are interested in discovering a different idea of a luxury hotel with a new, disruptive take on the city.


Designed in its image, Sinner chose the personality of a unique neighbourhood, which has its own rules, its own interpretation of lively Parisian style. At first glance, its unpolished façade gives off an almost monastic simplicity, suggesting that behind its windows lies an elegant, lively insider’s Paris.

The heart of a capital rich in history throbs on every floor. Festive and carefree, Paris lets itself go here. With a renewed sense of celebration sheltered from prying eyes.

Sinner is a world of contrasts and sums up what makes Paris unique in the eyes of the whole world: that little something special in its architecture, its living heritage, with a touch of whimsy and quirky elegance.

Sinner is an area of multiple impulses. It is both a living space and an urban hideaway. It is a tribute to this aristocratic neighbourhood, and also a nod to the happy, carefree era of the 70s and to wild nights.


Sinner is unique

A blend of religious heritage, opulent rooms and spectacular spaces. Contrasting radical lines with suggestive curves, and a feeling of unpolished luxury with the most enticing atmospheres. Remaining true to his signature, interior designer Tristan Auer leaves trends behind and surprises even in the tiniest details. From the electric relaxation of the restaurant to rooms inspired by ecclesiastical quarters, and from dark hallways illuminated by stained-glass windows to the concept store in the crypt. Sinner marks a new chapter in the life of Paris, liberated from all the old standards.


He is one of the most iconic interior designers of his generation. Regarded as a daring interior designer, he does not fit into any school or category. He eschews the latest trends in preference for expressive clashes of artistic styles, and combinations of eras which make sense and offer a unique interpretation. To define Sinner’s DNA, Tristan Auer first rooted his work in the memory of this neighbourhood, which was once home to religious orders, then the aristocracy, and has now become one of the hotspots for Creation. He was also inspired by memories of childhood, from which he selected the decadelong optimism and carefree attitude of the 70s.

Sinner is not just another place. It is a skilful blend of criss-crossing destinies, eras, mystery and a certain form of freedom.”
Emmanuel Sauvage
Managing Director and co-founder of the Evok group


Sound designer: The sound Couturier, the bespoke musical design studio Enterstice, led by its founder and creative director, Fred Viktor, handles musical artistic direction at Sinner.

Fred Viktor chose a large collection of 33 rpm and 45 rpm vinyl for Sinner. The echoes of Paris reverberate in his music selection. A multi-co - loured, diverse musical identity, an enticing invitation to travel.

Literary Director: Anatole Desachy is an independent bookseller, specialized in buying and selling photography books; he scours specialized fairs and museums all around Europe for rare books, which he then exclusively offers for sale. For Sinner, Anatole Desachy curated a unique collection, comprising as many well-known photography monographs as works published by writers from around the world.

Art Director: Amélie du Chalard established Maison d’art in 2015. The aim was to rethink the format of a traditional art gallery; here, the spaces are designed like houses.

Amélie du Chalard chose some exceptional contemporary and older works of art for Sinner, from around the world (Spain, Austria, Korea, etc.), such as the chairs by Helmut Palla or the armor by Nadine Altmayer, as well as original commissions.


Winding corridors with an almost sacred, quietly opulent atmosphere, simply illumi - nated by the play of light through stained glass windows which decorate the walls and the glow of lanterns that lead each guest to their room.

Red doors with knockers and peepholes inspired by carriage porches reveal 43 bedrooms and suites, each of which reflects the distinctive character of a historic, forward-looking neighbourhood. The materials – velvet, wood and terra cotta – and also the works of art and paintings are a gesture to the cultured, urban artistic types who will take the time to discover and recognize the treasures hidden inside. The entire atmosphere is an invitation to the senses through an olfactory universe, inter - playing materials and a meticulous artistic selection.

Sinner successfully marries opposites and creates a new vision of inspired hospitality. Paris sparkles uniquely with its eternal ambition and the charisma of the greatest aristocrats. Sinner has inherited their finest characteristics: irreverence and freedom of expression.

A single, signature suite boldly and elegantly combines cathedral spaces and out-of-the ordinary accommodation. Sitting on the top floor of the hotel, this passionately breath-taking and optimistic suite unveils itself as it draws you in. It is presented as a true Parisian pied-à-terre, styled with all the elaborate touches that you expect from a temporary city bolthole. It combines subtle elegance with the carefree feel of an original bachelor pad.

Opposite the reception, a candlelit crypt is a nod to the legacy of the Templars and of a neighborhood which expresses a distinct personality; it is here that Sinner unveils its selection of treasures in the style of a mysterious cabinet of curiosities.


Chef Adam Bentalha has designed an ethnic menu for Sinner, a kind of “tribal” food, like that eaten in Kanoun in North Africa. By drawing inspiration from street food, from the desert and South America, he offers a diverse menu. Around the table, Peruvian and Brazilian rituals create connection and genuine, friendly simplicity.

Patisserie Chef Yann Brys also whisks you away to far-off places with his dessert creations infused with the flavors of exotic continents bathed in light.

During his career, Chef Adam Bentalha joined the finest Michelin-starred teams. As Executive Chef at Brach Paris since 2018, he has established his new vision of Mediterranean cuisine, making it lighter and more creative.

It is simple, this cuisine for sharing still draws on traditional recipes, and finds its full expression in my approach to also serving light dishes.”
Adam Bentalha


Revealing spectacular spaces and views of the restaurant, the Sinner Bar is a representation of an avant-garde, creative, joyful and buzzing neighbourhood. It combines an open space with an enticing and opulent atmosphere and an exclusive and more intimate room behind curtains. Destinies cross paths here over exotic cocktails and fusion finger food – cold kemiah, cromeskis, ceviche, shish kebabs, tapioca vegetable sauce, etc.

Cocktails inspired by Latin mysticism showcase the best that the cultures and seasons have to offer. The menu, which is intentionally short and balanced with around ten “creations” with evocative names – Cœur pourpre, Memento, Noma... Uses fresh products, and 100% home - made infusions are expertly created on the spot. The spirits come from small distilleries, around fifteen different aged rums, thirty whiskies and a good selection of gins to choose from.


The hotel’s most private area is hidden behind a door studded with forged nails. Discover this well-kept secret, with its pool inspired by Greek and Roman baths, as you enjoy a treatment on your own or with a partner. This mysterious yet sociable place, named Ablutio, is designed for conversation, dreamy languor and the (re) awakening of the senses...

Like a contemporary “mild hallucination”, we revive the memory of purification rituals, we savor this invitation to cut ourselves off from the outside world, to renew ourselves with new and sensual intimacy. Ablutio only borrows the aromas of a forbidden scent from the monastic atmosphere.

True to its vision of private and unique luxury, Sinner offers exclusive face and body treatments, drawing its expertise from the hands of experts in lasting wellness. Since Ablutio adheres to the principle that a profound and effective benefit can only be provided by a customized technique developed especially for each individual.


A natural, eco-responsible, vegan, unisex brand inspired by Ayurvedic science, according to which the skin has the power to heal itself, Orveda offers advanced and ultra-concentrated skin treatments. These treatments are designed to work on the foundations of strong and healthy skin, to revive natural radiance.

Working in affinity with the skin and not against it, Orveda offers a range of high-end products with new generation formulations, which combine the power of science and the best that nature has to offer for immediate and lasting visible results.


For over 20 years, Jimmy has worked in the field of wellness as a personal trainer, masseur and treatment designer.
His paramedical training and advanced experience in the world of luxury, fashion, the hotel industry and wellness spas have established him as an international leader in his field. He has taken part in the world championship in massage, which is a testimony to the excellence and exacting standards that he demonstrates in his work.
He shares his treatment vision with Sinner by offering original treatments. A perfect combi - nation of a unique experience and uncompromising wellness.


EVOK invents styles of living. The group was created in 2014 thanks to the joint efforts of its three co-founders. Using property owned by Pierre Bastid, it was conceived and developed by Romain Yzerman and Emmanuel Sauvage, who is also general manager.

Each destination offers a different variety of luxury: classic French for Nolinski and Restaurant du Palais Royal, exclusive for Hameau de la Volière and Cour des Vosges, casual for Brach, and quirky for Sinner.

To meet our guests’ wide range of desires and domains, we offer a style of living for each style of luxury. This guiding thread defines each of the group’s locations: a collection that is expanding across borders, a variety of enriching projects.

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of a city or neighbourhood. Sense its every vibration. Uncover its traditions and unique style. That is the Evok spirit. We start afresh to kindle new emotions. We find a suitable location, revive it and give it a new lease on life thanks to designers such as Starck, Auer, Deniot, Tollemer, and Lecoadic & Scotto, etc.

Each hotel has its very own ambition, universe and living environment inspired by its location.

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

Photo credit © Guillaume de Laubier

[Sinner Paris]

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