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Monika Moser brings 25 years of operational hospitality industry experience to the interior design firm Campbell House


Monika Moser brings 25 years of operational hospitality industry experience to the interior design firm Campbell House

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Article rédigé par Sylvie Leroy le 02-04-2021

Multicultural experience and a strong educational background

Born in Venezuela with a German citizenship and raised in various countries in South America and Europe, Monika Moser, for sure, is the perfect leader nowadays when cultures and inclusive management are so important.

She has a certificate in Hospitality Management from Cornell University in Ithaca, NY and an MBA in Hospitality Management from ESSEC Business School (IMHI) in Paris, France, which give her also some serious assets.

During her career, Monika has collaborated with luxury and ultra-luxury brands or hotels such as Le Fouquet’s Barriere in Paris, Shangri-La Hotel Paris, Hilton or Four Seasons before being attracted to the interior design aspect of the hospitality. She joined the global interior design firm Wilson Associates as Regional Managing Director for London, New York, and Paris. And now Campbell House. But what is Campbel House?

Campbell House, a young company in the world of interior design

Campbell House is a full-service interior design firm, focused on high-engagement design solutions for hospitality, food + beverage, entertainment, gaming and corporate workplace.

Beth Campbell is the CEO. An award-winning architect, she founded the firm at the beginning of this year, after leaving Wilson Associates, where she was CEO for two years.

She explains why she asked Monika to joing them: “In seeking to round out the leadership team for Campbell House, I knew we needed a player who embodied a respectful, constructive and energetic style while mastering global operational drivers,” she said. “I needed to find a partner who could build up the team while working strategically alongside me on initiatives and would help foster a talent-first ecosystem driven by a cultural mindset of growth, transparency and transformation; and Monika Moser is that person. I am so excited that she has decided to join Campbell House as our COO and look forward to our continued partnership in changing the industry.”

People and culture first at Campbell House

Indeed, the values of Campbell House are clearly stated: “Campbell House openly and unapologetically puts their people and culture first. Bringing to bear the best talent to support their client’s needs, regardless of location, Campbell House delivers engagement design in an era of meaning and purpose.”

Campbell House has already studios in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Dallas, and New York. The new COO will be based in Paris and will have two main tasks: building the strategy with Beth Campbell and lead the teams, give the vision but also set the procedures, systems, and control on operational level to ensure financial strength and operating efficiency.

“Joining Beth and the talented team at Campbell House has been an evident choice for me. Companies that strive to engage in meaningful relationships with clients and partners and strongly focus on the people are for certain building the future I want to be part of,” said Monika. “From previous experience, I know Beth as a leader with strong integrity and fairness towards everyone she interacts with. I am certain that together with all House members we will create a strong foundation that builds upon trust.”

Monika Moser has an exciting challenge ahead and a great deal of work to do but, she has certainly what it takes (and more) to succeed and accompany Beth Campbell to place Campbell House on the map. We wish her the very best (and a lot of fun) on this new adventure!

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