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Manage your applications : a complete and personalized service

We are at our client service and propose many tools into the Recruiter Account in order to help you to manage the profiles. These tools and services are included in our two recuitment packages.


With both solutions, get access to profiles who are interesting for you. Our database houses 21575 applicants in active search who are looking for new job opportunities in luxury hospitality. We contact them every two months to verify their status and delete every profile not updated within the last 6 months.

Included in all our packages: CV click
For each job offer, you will access a list of profiles that include the keywords from your job title. You can view in one click all the profiles in this list as often as you wish.

Included in our unlimited job posting package:
We complete your range of tools with a full access to our profile database and search engine : search a profile by criteria, select the applicants you may find interesting and contact them directly.

1 - Our database of applicants actively looking for a new step in their career

- Search engine
For hotels and restaurants with a No Limit package (unlimited job posting and unlimited viewing of resumes), we propose a full access to our search engine with many criteria to select profiles matching your search.

- CV click
For every recruiter, we propose to find with our "CV click" button all the applicants looking for the job position you offer.

- Historic of profiles you consulted
In your search results, next to the profiles, you can see if you already consulted this profile and when. You can also see all the profiles you consulted.

2 - Profiles notebook

You can select the profiles you might find interesting and add them to your profiles notebook. You can add notes to each profile stored in your notebook (for example specify the date of the interview, insert comments, etc.)
These profiles will thus be easy to find and can be kept in your notebook for the whole period of your recruitment process.

3 - profiles you consulted
For each profile consulted you find interesting, you can...
- Contact the applicant to propose a job position
- Exclude the profile you found not enough interesting. These profiles are placed into an excluded profiles notebook that you can consult anytime
- Add the profile to your applications notebook.

4 – We stay in touch with our applicants

Every two months, we contact our applicants to check if they are still in active search. Our database is up-to-date: profiles which are not updated regularly are not proposed in your search results.

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