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Journal des Palaces has a solid reputation[/b] that brings more than 830,000 page views per month, only on the Career section of the Journal. The [b]quality of the profiles[/b] and the [b]strong willingness to work in an ultra-luxury and luxury environment[/b] are also reknowned. Journal des Palaces is the [b]place where talents and recruiters meet.

Figures and statistics below are mainly displayed in real-time in order to give you a preview of our strenghts in terms of job posting.

Traffic of the Career section

830,000 page views per month only on our Career Sectiop (October 2018)
Real-time figures

- 15,478 applicants in active search within the last 6 months
- 1,754 recruiting companies who choose us
- 295 hospitality schools, Alumni networks and trade associations' partners
- subscribers to our newsletter who receive jobs by email every day.

Applicants statistics

72 % consult job offers at least once a week
47 % think at Journal des Palaces as their first job board or job resource
32 % think at Journal des Palaces as their second job board or job resource (total of 79 %)
25 % learned about Journal des Palaces thanks to a friend or a colleague
56 % learned about Journal des Palaces in an internet research

46,83 % of applicants have a wide experience of high standards in luxury companies.

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