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Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Introduces Paradise Tower (États-Unis)

Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Introduces Paradise Tower (États-Unis)

Catégorie : Amérique du Nord et Antilles - États-Unis - Économie du secteur - Projets hôteliers
Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 30-07-2009

Next Phase of $750 Million Expansion Opens Ahead of Schedule Adding 490 Guest Rooms to Inventory and Creating Jobs

Opening July 31, Paradise Tower becomes the newest addition to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. The highly anticipated project, completed almost two months ahead of schedule, has created jobs and hope as the Las Vegas horizon begins to see signs of resurgence.

Just as Hard Rock Hotel & Casino is known in a sense for upping the game in Las Vegas, the new Paradise Tower steps up the Hard Rock's game on the hotel side. The tower's 490 lavish rooms were designed with the property's signature party attitude in mind but with a jolt of sexy sophistication. Hotel devotees will notice a significantly more luxurious atmosphere in Paradise Tower, but without sacrificing the irreverent, anything-can-happen feeling that they've come to expect. Rooms evoke visions of a rock 'n' roll manor house, using iconic materials like leather, wood and silver studded velvet to enhance the sensory experience and emphasize that this is no standard hotel room. Designed by Mark Zeff, the rooms exude a chic playfulness with atmospheric touches that allow for optimal comfort and function by day, but then come alive at night.

Adding to the allure of Paradise Tower's 18 floors are its Penthouse and 10 pool suites. The mega size Penthouse maxes out at 3,500 square feet with floor to ceiling windows throughout offering sweeping panoramic views. Arguably the best view yet in all of Las Vegas, the glittering Strip can be seen unobstructed from end to end while a turn in either direction provides expansive views of surrounding mountains. Get past the amazing views and the Penthouse interior is all wow-factor. Deep mahogany woods, platinum tiles, oversize hot tub, interactive digital pool table and not just a big screen, an entire video wall.

The pool suites, aptly named because they overlook and some offer direct access to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino's world famous Beach Club pool, each offer something entirely different. Predictably the most coveted real estate in the tower, the pool suites boast features such as two-level "duplexes", doors that open to direct access to your own cabana or to the pool deck, or a spacious glass balcony that places you hovering over the best pool scene in town. Four of these mini jewels are Zeff-designed to follow the same guest room aesthetic but on a larger scale. The remaining six pool suites are the visions of local design talent Mark Tracy of Chemical Spaces. Tracy was given carte blanche to create six suite versions of the ultimate ultra lounge. Each suite has a life of its own, transporting the guest into another world of rock 'n' roll fantasy using giant hand painted graphic murals, bold colors, shimmering tiles and high gloss elements mixed with white hardwood floors.

"The Hard Rock is evolving," said Phil Shalala, Hard Rock's vice president of marketing, "It has really melded into the perfect property for the young affluent consumer that is into music, fashion, technology and lifestyle in general. It really stands for that perfect balance."

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