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Strongly recommends RateTiger for hotel channel management


Strongly recommends RateTiger for hotel channel management

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The Wolcott Hotel, a heritage property in New York has recommended RateTiger for online distribution.

The hotel has been a loyal user of the award winning channel management and distribution software from eRevMax for the last five years.

Located at the heart of Manhattan, close to the Empire State Building and UN Head Quarter, the Wolcott Hotel is a popular choice for tourists and foreign dignitaries visiting New York. A heritage property, the hotel is New York City landmark and has always been managed independently.

With many of its 170 rooms providing a view of the famous Empire State Building, the hotel offers guests with intricate old-world architecture, from the unique pink brick and limestone facade to an impressively ornate lobby.

Largely driven by leisure tourists, both domestic and international visiting New York, it is important for the hotel to be present in all leading online sales channels and metasearch sites in USA.

The revenue management team has to deal with a diverse guest portfolio and go beyond traditional way to incorporates customer behaviour, dynamic pricing, segmentation, distribution and marketing to optimize profitability.

The long-time General Manager of the hotel Scott Erlich had been relying on RateTiger to streamline distribution.

RateTiger has the highest quality of channel connections and the speed, accuracy, and ease with which we can manage our online operations is fantastic. I highly recommend RateTiger to other hoteliers for seamless online distribution,” remarked Scott Erlich, General Manager, The Wolcott Hotel.

The Wolcott Hotel has been an early adapter of new technology and been leveraging RateTiger’s connectivity to resolve distribution challenges for years. However, in early 2020, they decided to experiment with another Channel Manager.

Within three months, Scott reached out to the RateTiger team again for a renewal.

We came back to RateTiger again because of its outstanding support team who goes out of their way resolve problems efficiently and as quickly as possible. Having a strong connectivity technology partner is critical for a hotel’s success and with RateTiger, we feel secure,” said Scott.

RateTiger’s customer-centric approach and exceptional distribution connectivity means the solution is always up-to-speed with over 99.9% product uptime.

It is very important to have solutions that work for you rather than those that make you work. RateTiger is one such example. The Support team at eRevMax is very helpful too as they are always there whenever you have any query or need any refresher training,” summed up Scott.

The year 2020 has been devastating for the global hotel industry. The pandemic and subsequent travel restrictions have made the revenue management team to realign their online sales strategy. The team is utilizing the insights available on the RateTiger platform along with connectivity with a wide range of online sales channels to bounce back.

RateTiger’s integrations with leading global and regional OTAs have ensured that we sell at the right channel. Not only do they offer a good mix of channels, they ensure the connections are smooth and stable so that updates are delivered in real-time. RateTiger has been a great partner and provided tremendous support with fast delivery of ARI and excellent support, much better compared to our previous service provider,” said Scott.

RateTiger, powered by LiveOS, provides rate shopping, channel management, booking engine and online distribution solutions to hotels worldwide. It offers 99.9% system uptime and is security certified under ISO, PCI and GDPR compliant. eRevMax continues to expand its partner base through new integrations to offer hoteliers seamless connections across different systems including PMSs, CRSs, OTAs, Metasearch channels, GDS, Wholesalers and offline tour operators, among others.

About eRevMax

eRevMax is a travel technology company that provides hotels with CRS, Channel Manager, Rate Shopper, Booking Engine, Website Development, GDS and Metasearch Distribution solutions. The company connects multiple online channels to the hotels’ PMSs to seamlessly deliver ARI updates and reservations. It works closely with around 450 channel and technology partners and is the connectivity partner of choice for large hotel groups, mid-scale chains as well as independent properties in both luxury and budget segment worldwide providing solutions through its core product brands - RateTiger, LiveOS and AgentX101. eRevMax is known for its stable solutions with 99.9% product uptime and provides 24x7 customer support.

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