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Epoque Hotels Redesigns its Design Line Avantgarde Hotels

Epoque Hotels Redesigns its Design Line Avantgarde Hotels

Catégorie : Monde - Économie du secteur - Tendances, avis d'expert
Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 20-11-2008

The boutique hotels representation company has optimized its new website dedicated to the more cutting-edge, design-oriented properties.

Epoque Hotels, the global marketing representation company of more than 300 avant-garde, trendy-chic, and luxury-classic boutique hotels members worldwide, has launched its new Avantgarde website, the one dedicated to the most design-oriented properties. The new website present innovative and user-friendly options that guarantee a new experience to the visitors seeking the best in boutique hotels. These features include:

- New, fresh and eye-catching layout with larger fonts and larger images

- “Hotels under 99$” offers page, for affordable luxury

- New “Specials and Promotions” page, to stay updated with the latest promos

- Advanced search page that allows easy screening of the properties

- Five full featured languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

“These features,” explains Juan Palmada, Vice President of Epoque Hotels, “are conceived to enrich the visitors’ web experience and find what they are looking for their accommodation in the most comfortable and intuitive way.”

Always offering the best in design, style and service, the Avantgarde Hotels Collection consists of more than 150 properties in the most coveted destinations worldwide. These trend-setting boutique hotels are all showcased on the: www.avantgardehotels.com website. Among the most renowned members in this unique collection you will find Stay Hotel – New York, the UNA Hotels – Italy, EME Fusion Hotel - Seville, the Pulitzer Paris, Barcelona and Rome, The Design Suites Hotels – Argentina, and the Grand Hotel Central - Barcelona.

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