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Harbour Plaza Hong Kong Awarded as “Best Independent Hotel” by TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2008 (Chine)

Harbour Plaza Hong Kong Awarded as “Best Independent Hotel” by TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2008 (Chine)

Catégorie : Asie Pacifique - Chine - Expériences exclusives - Récompenses, remises de prix, concours
Article rédigé par la rédaction le 25-08-2008

Harbour Plaza Hong Kong is pleased to announce that it has won “Best Independent Hotel” award by TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2008, held at the Marriott Hotel in Singapore on July 17, 2008

The TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2008 is a culmination of 2.2 million online votes from readers and industry professionals and it is aimed at acknowledging some of Asia’s most outstanding performers in the tourism industry. Categorised into six areas: Tourism Products and Services (accommodations, airlines, business events, cruises, destinations, and car rental); Tourism-related Entities (travel agencies, national tourism organisations, and hospitality organisations); Personality; Online and Technology; Marketing Promotions and Best Employer.
The award not only recognises the distinctive and exceptional performance of Harbour Plaza Hong Kong, but also identifies us as movers and shakers in the hospitality industry. “We are extremely proud of having won this award from TravelWeekly (Asia) Industry Awards 2008 and are honoured to have our hard work recognised alongside such prestigiously keen competition. This award will inspire us to work even harder to exceed expectations and reach new heights,” said Mr Jonathan A. Wilson, General Manager of Harbour Plaza Hong Kong.

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