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IH&RA : The

IH&RA : The

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Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 10-12-2008

The “EMERAUDE HOTELIER OF THE YEAR” 2008 was won by Mr. Richard Duvauchelle, Director of the Hotel Palais Stéphanie

Starting in 2008, IH&RA has the pleasure to introduce a new Award : EMERAUDE HOTELIER OF THE YEAR

Today, Climate change is our main concern worldwide. A long-term lifestyle that engages countries worldwide, communities, corporations and visitors in a common commitment to grow tourism and hospitality over time, decoupled from green house gas emission this is “Tourism Earth Lung”

This concept initiated in mid 2007 by Siri lanka Ministry of Tourism and Board working with major specialists and researchers worldwide from sustainable tourism development international. It was recognized as an innovative leadership initiative at UNWTO Davos summit with a potential as a basis for a global system.

Climate change is driving the need to switch to clean forms of energy. Climate scientists unanimously agree that the accumulation of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping greenhouse gases are changing the climate.

Sustainable development involves new approaches to energy, especially as rising energy cost impact the daily bottom line. We at the Hospitality Industry must ensure economic development through enormous achievements for the global hospitality industry while dramatically reducing the environmental impact of that development. This will also increase business efficiency for the sector.

IH&RA decide under the leadership of its President to offer every year's special recognition for a Hotel or a Chain for their commitment to exceed their expectation in protecting our environment and reduce the intake of CO2. We decide to call those Hotels who are trying to protect the Environment “THE EMERAUDE HOTELIER OF THE YEAR”.

Any Chain of Hotels member or any Independent Hotel can send to IH&RA his own project based on his experience in English with 2 copies : Electronic and Paper to our Head office for recognition.

His Project must assure the following criteria:

Hotel Energy management saving strategies and approaches
Hotel environment friendly operation
Hygienic, Healthy Management and Food services
Water saving policies
Use product that are manufactured locally

Every year and during our general Assembly, the project that will fit better our criteria will be recognized and a special Press Release will be sent Worldwide about the

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