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The 4 Secrets of Highly Successful Managers (Malaisie)

The 4 Secrets of Highly Successful Managers (Malaisie)

Catégorie : Asie Pacifique - Malaisie - Économie du secteur - Tendances, avis d'expert
Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 30-01-2009

A manager’s most precious asset is his time. Preserving enough hours to do what really needs to be done is a constant struggle. To be a highly successful manager, you are not only required to master your respective field; you are also required to maximize your time. To achieve that, you are strongly advised to adopt these 4 management secrets developed by Dr. Steven Khaw.

Secret #1 – Always Plan Ahead

At the end of your each workday, make a “To-Do List” for the next day in order of priority. Differentiate between what is important and what is vital. Put high priorities on morale-building tasks. Keep track of tasks throughout the day and cross each off after it is done.

Secret #2 – Always Stay Focused

Do not let your stressful responsibilities linger. Cut big and onerous projects down to smaller size by breaking them into manageable bites. Remember, there are limits to what you can do. Set limits and learn to say no. Allocate blocks of time for tasks and try to put similar tasks in batches.

Secret #3 – Maximize Your Minutes

Keep a detailed time log for several days to see how your time is spent. Reclaim some of your lost minutes by sticking to a schedule that includes an allocated block of time for personal matters. If surfing the internet is a good stress reliever; build it into your lunch time break.

Secret #4 – Give Others a Chance

Don’t micro-manage. Besides wasting time, it also kills your employees’ morale and productivity. Independent employees tend to work harder and better, thus free up your time for strategic planning. Pick your right people and give them clear directions as well as realistic due dates.

It is essential for managers to create a motivating and functional workforce. To optimize your employees’ hidden potentials, join us for a mind-opening and impactful management workshop, entitled “The Essentials for Managers” (Code: DNS511). The upcoming session will be held on 4th – 5th March 2009 @ Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, 8.30am – 4.30pm

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