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Protea Hotels Comes Out Tops Again Among The Youth (Afrique du Sud)

The youth of 2016 have spoken. Protea Hotels, a member of Marriott International, is the coolest hotel brand in South Africa.

Protea Hotels Comes Out Tops Again Among The Youth (Afrique du Sud)

The youth of 2016 have spoken. Protea Hotels, a member of Marriott International, is the coolest hotel brand in South Africa.

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Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 21-06-2016

This is according to two independent studies published yesterday, the Sunday Times Generation Next 2016 and the 2016/17 Ask Africa Youth Brands surveys.

This is the seventh year and sixth in a row that Protea Hotels has been voted coolest hotel group in the Generation Next survey, a prestigious industry benchmark for South African brands. And it is the second time that the group has won in the hotels category in the Ask Africa Youth Brands survey, the largest of its kind in South Africa.

“Protea Hotels has been listening and responding in our marketing channels and product offerings to what the younger generations are saying. Generations Y and Z, who make up South Africa’s large youth population, want more than just a place to lay their heads or grab a meal. They want unique experiences and personalised services, and are discerning when it comes to quality,” he says. “Protea Hotels has been evolving in response and we’re absolutely thrilled that the youth are engaging with positive sentiment towards our brand.”

Bryer says Protea Hotels takes these awards seriously as they draw responses from a large pool of individuals, and each uses sound methodology to reveal valuable insights about the market.

Now in its 12th year, Generation Next polls the opinions of 5,675 of South Africa’s youth (ages 8 to 22) in urban and peri-urban environments in six provinces. The lifestyle and consumer behaviour questionnaire is boosted by a further 4,622 face-to-face interviews. The research analysis is conducted by HDI Youth Marketers in conjunction with academic validation partner, Monash South Africa, and statistician, Dr. Arien Strasheim.

The Ask Africa Youth Brands survey focuses on usage patterns, with its representative sample of 8,130 respondents aged between 15 and 34 revealing which brand experiences young South Africans of all backgrounds and living standards trust with their hard-earned money.

“We enjoy the support of guests of all ages and backgrounds at our hotels, and pride ourselves in always being a step ahead by anticipating our guests needs to ensure they have a great stay experience. Our focus remains on providing proactive and friendly service with a consistent quality of guest amenities. This is what has assured our continued success and is the reason Protea Hotels has become a much-loved brand,” says Bryer.

The results of the 2016 Generation Next survey were published in the Sunday Times on 12 June, and the results of the Ask Africa Youth Brands survey were published in the Sunday Sun on the same day.

About Protea Hotels:

Protea Hotels is Africa’s leading hotel brand and has a footprint of nearly 100 properties throughout South Africa and seven other African countries, including Zambia, Nigeria, Namibia, Ghana and Uganda amongst others. Each hotel is uniquely different in character and the collection ranges from urban accommodation to country retreats, all in the 3 and 4-star markets. Protea Hotels is the winner of 2 World Travel Awards for Best Hotel Group in Africa, winner of 3 Sunday Times Markinor Top Hotel Brand Awards, the winner of 7 Coolest Hotel Group awards in the Sunday Times Generation Next surveys, the winner of the Ask Africa South African Customer Service Award 2013 and Icon Brand 2015, and the winner of the Hotels category in the Ask Afrika 2015/2016 Youth Brands Survey. The hotel group was bought by Marriott International in April 2014 and forms part of Marriott’s global brand portfolio made up of 19 brands that operate more than 4 500 hotels in 87 countries. Follow us on twitter @ProteaHotels

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