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Star chefs and renowned pastry chefs have invested in digital platforms in order to develop a new relationship with their customers, by making them salivate in front of their creations Instagram, an essentially visual social network, has become a showcase for know-how and culinary art. Chefs now imagine their dishes with&nb...

The turmoil of 2020 has affected all of us every person, company and industry many in profound and even tragic ways. The hospitality sector is no exception and in fact has endured one of the most harrowing challenges in its history. But amid that challenge came an opportunity for resilience, along with important les...

A New U.S. President, Coronavirus Vaccine, and a Thirst for New Locales Spur Hope for a Return to Travel Journalism An overwhelming majority of global travel writers (94%) plan to resume travel this year for first-hand reporting, a strong indication of the pent-up demand for travel with recognition about safety wit...

World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and Sommet Education launch Hospitality Challenge Pitch a series of online discussions focusing on revealing some of the winners of the Hospitality Challenge, the solidarity initiative created by the two partners. Over four weekly sessions, UNWTO experts and tourism leaders will share insights on the state of tourism and hospitality, and the prospective solutions to be implemented to accelerate its recovery.The...

This year has been one of change, which has altered the tourism and hospitality landscape forever. Health, hygiene and social distancing have been shaping travel, with reports indicating that over 90 per cent people view health and safety as a key consideration; with over 80 per cent travelers grav...

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