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Our commitment to excellence is deeply intertwined with our student-centric philosophy and is the foundation of our success—a success that has now been recognized globally, with all four Swiss Education Group schools ranking among the top seven hospitality schools in the world.


Our commitment to excellence is deeply intertwined with our student-centric philosophy and is the foundation of our success—a success that has now been recognized globally, with all four Swiss Education Group schools ranking among the top seven hospitality schools in the world.

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Ceci est un communiqué de presse sélectionné par notre comité éditorial et mis en ligne gratuitement le 12-04-2024

At Swiss Education Group (SEG), our commitment to excellence is deeply intertwined with our student-centric philosophy and is the foundation of our success.

Today, that success has been acknowledged.

We are proud to share that all four of our distinguished schools have risen in rank according to the 2024 QS World University Rankings for Hospitality and Leisure Management, firmly securing their positions within the top seven globally – with two schools placing in the top three.

The new rankings of all four of our schools underscore our unwavering dedication to nurturing the potential of every student and providing an unparalleled educational experience.

2024 QS Rankings in Hospitality and Leisure Management have showcased our schools in unparalleled light:

  1. Swiss Hotel Management School: 2nd position
  2. César Ritz Colleges Switzerland: 3rd position
  3. HIM: 6th position
  4. Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland: 7th position
"This world-wide recognition is a testament to the dedication of our spectacular staff and faculty who continue to bring commitment, expertise and caring to the classroom and our students. With all our schools advancing in the global rankings, we're inspired more than ever to push the boundaries of hospitality education and produce the best future leaders in the industry." Leo Wang CEO, Swiss Education Group.Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) now proudly holds the second position globally, affirming its status as a leading force in the hospitality industry.

Patrick Taffin, Assistant Dean of SHMS Leysin, shares his pride in the institution's achievements, "Our concerted efforts to inspire and nurture future business leaders have clearly resonated with the industry. This accolade is a direct reflection of our students' professionalism and the high regard in which SHMS is held."

The remarkable leap by César Ritz Colleges Switzerland from 6th to 3rd position is particularly noteworthy.

This jump can be attributed to the significant strides made in achieving Swiss Federal Accreditation, a milestone reached in October 2023.

Such accomplishments not only enhance the prestige of César Ritz Colleges but also affirm the quality and value of the education provided.

Tanja Florenthal, Executive Director for Quality Assurance for SEG underscores the significance of the jump in rankings the same year Swiss Federal Accreditation was awarded, “It’s an immense priviledge to be ranked 3rd best hospitality school in the world. The Swiss Federal Accreditation received by Cesar Ritz and this ranking are a testimony to the quality education, student life, and care the school takes.”

HIM and Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland (CAAS) also continue to shine in the global arena, securing the 6th and 7th positions, respectively, each moving one notch up the ranking.

For HIM, this climb in ranking is especially significant for it validates its relatively recent decision to reposition itself as a business school, putting its curricular emphasis on the customer-centric business model and less on a traditional hospitality education.

It is also especially notable that CAAS remains the only culinary school recognized in these rankings, highlighting its unique position and contribution to a well-rounded culinary education where our students learn more than cooking, they learn the business of hospitality.

Our industry partnerships and alumni network play a pivotal role in keeping our curriculum relevant and our students' employability high by providing opportunities for students to face real-world challenges both in-class and through internships.

Ulrika Bjorklund, Executive Director of Industry Affairs & Career Services, emphasizes the importance of real-world experience in education, "Our collaboration with industry partners ensures our students have the opportunity to face real-world challenges and insights, before they land their first job, thus preparing them thoroughly for their future careers."

The consistent improvement and success of our institutions are rooted in our solid academic reputation, innovative approach to education, and the nurturing community we've cultivated.

As we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to leading the way in hospitality and culinary education, fostering a community that supports and drives each student towards excellence.

What makes SEG schools so unique and top-ranking?

Exceptional Employer Esteem for Our Graduates

Our educational philosophy is enriched by over 100 industry partnerships and a vast network of distinguished alumni, ensuring our curriculum is directly influenced by the latest industry standards and practices.

Antonia Vollet, Employer Relations Director at SEG, highlights the benefits of our real-world education, saying, "Our industry partners have a clear focus on fast-track development through their leadership training programs and they see top talent in our students. They do not hesitate to compliment the holistic industry readiness they find in our students and graduates, and they return, year after year, to recruit new talent”

This feedback proves that our graduates are not only ready to face the workforce but are also highly sought after by employers for their motivation, skills, and rapid advancement potential.

Unparalleled Academic Integrity

Our academic ethos is amplified through strategic alliances with some of the world’s most respected hospitality education institutions in the US and the UK.

Dominic Szambowski, dean at César Ritz Colleges Switzerland and CAAS, and previously dean at SHMS, notes, "Our academic stature is elevated by Swiss Federal Accreditation and the caliber of our academic partners, facilitating rich exchanges and contributions to the broader academic community."

These collaborations with institutions like Washington State University, the University of Derby, and Northwood University, underscore our commitment to delivering an education that is recognized and respected globally.

Commitment to Innovation

Innovation is at the heart of our educational approach, combining the latest research with immersive learning experiences.

Patrick Taffin stresses the role of innovation in achieving our rankings, saying, "Our focus on innovative teaching methods sets us apart. We’re constantly looking ahead, integrating technological advancements and sustainability practices into our curriculum to prepare students for the evolving landscape of the hospitality industry. The recognition of Swiss Hotel Management School as an Apple Distinguished School exemplifies our dedication to fostering an innovative learning environment.”

A Supportive, Inclusive and Global Community

Our sustained reputation of excellence is a testament to the collective efforts of our supportive and global community, from the leadership to the students.

The nurturing environment we’ve created is crucial to our success, with a strong emphasis on mutual respect, support, and a sense of belonging.

The success of our students is at the heart of everything we do.

Claire Jollain, Dean of HIM encapsulates this sentiment, “HIM is a ‘boutique’ institution of approximately 250 students and 52 nationalities. Here, what separates us is what unites us, and inclusivity is what makes HIM feel like family. This atmosphere not only enhances the educational experience but also builds a strong, supportive network for our students.”

In which school will you find your place? Explore our offerings and become a part of our ever-growing legacy of success and innovation in the world of business, hospitality, and culinary arts. We invite you to download our brochure to learn more.

Regarding the QS Rankings

The QS World University Rankings are designed to provide independent quality assurance to the millions of students, parents, academics, and policymakers who seek to ensure that their educational, career, and strategic choices are data-driven.

You can find the full rankings for 2024 on the QS Ranking website

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